Q is for Quaesitum – A to Z Challenge 2018

Q is for Quaesitum which means the true value.

All of us have few goals that we want to attain in this life. For some it is to move up the corporate ladder and earn a good livelihood. For some it is to buy your own house, set up a business etc. There are a lot of such things we all want to do. I also believe that more than all these materialistic things, we must also achieve the true value of living.

When I say true value of living, this includes a lot of things. We need to learn to make life easier for ourselves. When in distress, just because there are 2 routes when taking a decision, it’s not necessary to take the tough one. Taking the easy route is good too as long as it solves the problem. We often complicate life our-self. We just overthink and complicate the issue at hand which makes it look like a big problem. Let’s stop doing that. Also, there is no point in judging others. What others did is their doing. There is no point giving your expert comments. Remember that we don’t know the entire story.

I believe that finding Quaesitum in the relationships we have makes us better. Yes, I do! Writing and reading gives me happiness. It helps me be calm, take decisions in a structured manner. Meeting friends and giving time for family brings me love and happiness too. Keeping all of this together is a task but it’s worth it. Also value the people who are in your life. They are with you because you are worth a lot to them. They have found the Quaesitum of friendship/love with you and hence are with you. Treasure these things.

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge 2018.

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