Q is for Quesadilla – A to Z Challenge 2020

Kaise Diya? That’s how this food sounds whenever you pronounce it!

Jokes apart, this is one food item that has fascinated me. I tried it for the first time when Taco Bell launched in Mumbai. Since then I’m a fan of this cheesy little thing called love.

What does quesadilla literally mean?

It is literally called a “little cheesy thing” that is believed to have been originated in 16th century Mexico.

What goes good in a quesadilla?

The ingredients in this amazing food item include a lot of cheese, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and protein like cottage cheese & chicken.

What are the health benefits of eating quesadillas?

Depending on the cheese you add, this food item can be considered in the unhealthy food sector. Swapping out or reducing certain ingredients like cheese can make it nutritious.

Where can I order quesadilla online?

Here are some of the places from where you can order quesadillas in Mumbai:

Which is the best quesadilla recipe?

There are multiple varieties of a quesadilla. To make it easier for you, I have found out some amazing recipes. You would like them for sure.

With the lockdown extended, I can understand how difficult it can be to stay at home and do nothing. But then we can always learn to cook and explore our culinary skills! Try these recipes and I hope you have a great time. Stay Safe!

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4 thoughts on “Q is for Quesadilla – A to Z Challenge 2020”

    1. Hey Jyoti, yes I did see another recipe on the list too. Have fun trying these recipes. I’ve added 3 different varieties!

  1. You are right, reducing the amount of these and adding little more veggies can make it a healthy option. Or even using a whole wheat tortilla instead of flour one.

    1. Hey Alpana, totally agreed! I just like the one with extra cheese though. It literally melts in your mouth if you know what I mean!

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