P is for Pizza – A to Z Challenge 2020

I miss the Pizzas. Do you miss them too?

Before this lockdown, I did not entertain the idea of a thin crust or cheese burst option. I was trying to lose weight back then!

But now, my tummy craves for some pizza.

Yeh Tummy Hain Ki Maanta Nahi!

Is pizza good for health?

There are more cons than pros here. A cheese burst option can be supremely unhealthy. Overall, this is considered to be in the “junk food” category! But they do make us happy no?

Which pizza is healthy?

There is a way you can choose a healthy version! Opting for a thin crust option minus the cheese + lots of veggies is a better option. Choose for medium slices as it lowers the calorie count drastically as compared with large slices.

Can I order pizza online?

Yes, you can! Online food portals like Zomato & Swiggy are accepting orders. Check out these links to find if they are being delivered to your area in Mumbai!

Is it healthier to make your own pizza?

Now that you’re at home, you can be the master-chef and create your own pizza. If you are considerate of the cheese and opt for a lot of veggies, I’m sure you can create a healthier version at home!

How do you make pizza at home?

If you wish to know how to make a restaurant-style version at home, here is a step by step process by Dassana – Veg Recipes of India. There are more than 10+ recipes here. Have fun!

Once the lockdown ends, you can check out some of my favorite places in Mumbai:

  • Joey’s, Andheri & Malad
  • 1441 Pizzeria, All over Mumbai
  • Terttulia, Dadar
  • Pizza Express, All over Mumbai
  • Jamie’s Pizzeria, All over Mumbai

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  1. Joey’s is one of my favorites as well. This was a well informed post. Thank you 🙂
    Happy A2Zing.

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