Q is for Quadragenarian & Querimonious – A to Z Challenge 2016

Q is for Quadragenarian which means a person between 40 and 49 years of age.


There’s also a word for that.

I actually can’t believe there would be a term for such things too.

I’m all in for learning such new words thus thought why this shouldn’t be shared with everyone.

Quadragenerian aged quote

So if you’re aged between 40-49, then be glad that you’re a Quadragenarian! Because this is what you call anyone who is aged between 40 to 49!

Sounds cool isn’t it?

Apart from being a Quadragenarian, there are many other words that you must check out like Septuagenarian meaning people aged between 70-79, quinquagenarian meaning people aged between 50-59, Vicenarian meaning people aged between 20-29 and finally, octogenarian meaning people aged between 80-89

Q is for Querimonious which means full of complaints.

Who likes to be around someone who just keeps complaining?

I sure don’t. It’s a headache when you meet someone and ask them “Hey, what’s up with you?”

The next 10 minutes will be dedicated to the complaints the person has with anyone and everyone.

It’s not that they are wrong in complaining. It’s just that their complaints don’t stop. For them taking a step forward and doing something about it is not so important always.

Querimonious is someone who keeps complaining about a Quadragenerian.

There’s also another version of such people. They complain but they do something about it. It’s always that things must be right and not wrong.

They’d quarrel for the simplest things because they prefer things to be how they should be kept.

Is it good to have such people around or is it best to avoid them? What’s your take?

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This post is written as a part of A-Z challenge 2016 where bloggers from all around the world will blog for the whole month, daily based on all the alphabets in chronological order.

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3 thoughts on “Q is for Quadragenarian & Querimonious – A to Z Challenge 2016”

  1. I’ve known some of those complaining people and I do try to avoid them. That or maintain a sense of humor or a fake sense of empathy.

    My quadragenarian days are behind me sad to say.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

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