13 Reasons Why – You Need a Professional Wedding Photographer

P is for Professional Wedding Photographers

How important it is to get the right shot?

Today, most of us love clicking pictures, selfies, and always look for the best angles. All this, so we can get the best shot.

If this is the effort we take for social media then imagine what effort will you take during your wedding day, right?

Most go ahead with professional photographers to capture pictures from their pre-wedding shoot and the wedding day.

But wait, why go ahead with professionals? They are too costly and will shoot up our wedding budget?

These are common questions one will ask.

Hence I share with you 13 reasons why you must consider hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer for your wedding.

1. Masters – Professional photographers are masters of their art. They know how to work their way with the camera.

2. Not Tired – The photographer you hire is your Pro and not your guest. Hence he/she won’t get tired of clicking pictures during the wedding.

3. Plan A – These professionals always have a plan.  They understand your plan and will accordingly make notes.

4. Photographers have a knack for observing that allows them to be at the right place at the right time. Hence you get amazing candid moments captured.

Professional Wedding Photographer

5. They also know how to make you naturally feel at ease while clicking and not stiff or awkward.

6. Plan B. Every photographer has a contingency plan right from batteries, backup camera, memory card, and even another contact that can cover the wedding if they can’t make it.

7. Training. These guys have training i.e. they either apprenticed under someone or have taken a course.

8. Best interests – Your photographer won’t look for his/her convenience. They’ll look for your best interests as it’s your special day.

9. Editing & Sorting – Post clicking the pictures, some will even sort the best shots from the evening and edit them for you.

10. Costly equipment – Just remember that they bring along professional equipment that costs a lot so you can get exactly what you wish for – Best captured moments.

11. Professional wedding album – Some prefer opting for professional photographers so they can get a professional wedding album.

12. Everyone is involved – One of the best reasons why a professional wedding photographer is important is how they drive and attract the crowd to bring their best faces ahead for pictures.

13.  Memories – Finally, it’s all about the memories. Don’t consider this as a cost. It’s like an investment. You can spend less on the cake (no one will notice), and spend more on the photographer.

What are my thoughts on the professional wedding photographer?

I believe memories are all we have and what makes us smile. Capturing the best moments of your special day will keep that feeling fresh even 10-20 years from now when you see those pictures.

So it’s best to plan a budget and allocate a good amount for the photography section.

What do you think about wedding photography? Do you think it’s important to spend or no?

P.S – The banner picture on this blog is from my friend Wedmer and Evlin’s wedding. They look so adorable, don’t you think?

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4 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why – You Need a Professional Wedding Photographer”

  1. Professional wedding photographers don’t always deliver. I’ve seen many albums where the guest are only featured eating or dancing in funny poses. Most of the pictures are of the prettiest person in the room ( not necessarily the bride) so I would say a member of the family would do just as well with so many apps around to make your photos professional

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Ouch, I’m sad to know about this. Can’t imagine how bad the couple might have felt later seeing the album. Thankfully now with portfolios, one can always check how good the photographer is and how they capture the married couple.

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hey Afreen, I’m glad you liked the points mentioned. You can check out this series when you plan your wedding.

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