Here’s how you must spend equal time with your partner and wedding planning

O is for Other Half

Wedding planning can be tiresome.

For most people, weddings look amazing and it’s fun to party and all. But what you don’t know is that the work that goes behind making this event successful is a lot.

Wedding planning takes a lot of effort and if you can afford a wedding planner in India then it’s good for you. For those who cannot or don’t want to, they make their own lists, plan, and execute.

There are 2 types of couples I wish to discuss in the wedding planning scenario:

1. Both are on the same page:

Couples that are on the same page and take equal efforts have the least amount of issues. They divide the work, give feedback to each other, and spend a lot of time together anyway.

2. One partner does most/all the work:

Now here’s the grey area. A few couples go through this scenario where one partner takes over the planning and the other half takes a back seat. OR One partner does all the work and the other half is least interested.

Both the scenarios in point 2 are not good. Planning together helps you guys know your other half well. It also is an event for both of you and hence it will make more sense that you guys plan it together right?

wedding planning

What are my thoughts on wedding planning and the other half?

When one partner is least bothered, it’s obvious that the other partner has to take over the wedding planning. But if your partner wishes to be a part of it and you just want it your way, your partner may feel left out.

These kinds of feelings before the wedding don’t end up well. Hence it’s important to share your plan, course of action, and even take their suggestions. Even if they don’t know much, they’d feel so good that you asked for their opinion.

What do you guys think?

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