An Overdose of Positivity – Potholes in India

The most consistent thing in India since Independence – Potholes!

Yes, Potholes are there everywhere. Roads are less and potholes are more. During monsoons, you can have a roller coaster ride when you travel around the city on regular roads.

There are many things that happened in 2015.

As usual, we would think of the negative aspects first, maybe even the ones which involve killings. But what if I would ask you to list down 5 good news that you heard that was inspirational for the entire year?

I bet you would have to google them. If not, then maybe you would have had to use your mind palace to an extreme level to find out of such news.

Honestly, I did have to google, but yes I did hear about these stories. Here’s me showcasing one such story which inspired me and many of us during the course of the year.

Potholes, Potholes Everywhere:

In a time when most of us prefer to be spectators (i.e. complain, whine but don’t do anything else), there’s one 67 years young man Gangadhara Tilak Katnam who has decided to take matters into his own hands.

 Gangadhara Tilak Katnam - Pothole filler in India

He spots potholes, he fills them! (Literally)Yes, since July 2011, he has filled over a staggering 1124 potholes.No kidding! He’s done that!

Gangadhara will keep doing this until the authorities make up their mind to come ahead and do their job which Mr.Katnam seems to be doing now.

Mr.Katnam has been working with the South Central Railway for almost 35 years after which he retired from that field. He took up a consultant’s job later in a software firm and thought life would be good now.

But potholes made sure, he had a bumpy ride every single day. Sometimes while driving he would unintentionally splash muck on the nearby people, sometimes the potholes made him almost cause an accident.

Potholes in India since Independence

One fine day, he witnessed an accident where a BUS crushed an auto-rickshaw. Had the road been properly leveled alongside no possibility of potholes, there would be a human being breathing.

But that didn’t happen that day. Someone died.Mr.Katnam couldn’t fathom the fact that such things would keep happening and no one was doing anything.

That’s when he took matters into his own hands. He started filling every pothole he saw. He kept the equipment in his vehicle. His pension money was being used to a huge extent.

His Son who was situated in USA, came down to talk sense into his father to stop all of this. But after witnessing the determination and will power his father had, the decided to help his father.

His son went ahead and helped the father create a Facebook page and also a website named Shramadaan a voluntary initiative where many gather and fill potholes.

Please check out the website as there’s also a helpline number where people can call and inform about potholes. 

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