A is for Ablepsia (Not visually impaired)

For this year’s ABC Wednesday, I’ve planned to use unusual words right from A-Z. So, here’s how I begin this theme with the word Ablepsia. 

A is for Ablepsia which means Blindness (not visually impaired). 

When I started searching for a unique word from the letter A, this word stood out. For some reason, I connected with it and knew this is what I must share with everyone.

This is not related to visual impairment or people who are visually impaired. Today I will tell you about people who choose to be blind at some point in life. They choose to be blind in a certain situation.

There are so many situations that take place right in front of us. We choose to look, ignore, and sometimes even pretend to be blind.

We commit so many mistakes and we pretend to be blind. Why? Why not face it? 

I know it’s not easy looking at people who need help and we just walk away. I know it’s not easy accepting your own faults and not to run away from the situation.

But we can try to do something someday. All we need to do is stop pretending we’re BLIND. A little bit of courage will let you be the best version of yourself. If you have the will and courage, nothing is impossible for you.

Did I make sense?  Do let me know what you’ll think.

Over the past 6 years, I have written about a variety of unique and weird words from A to Z. It’s fun as I learn something new with each letter. If you are interested or wish to educate someone, please share this link with them.

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