O is for Opsimath – A to Z Challenge 2017

O is for Opsimath which means one who learns late in life

While learning is what we give more focus on, is there a timeline for when it should be done?

Firstly, I am a believer in the learning concept.

Also I agree that as we go ahead in life, we need to develop skill sets, learn, adapt and analyze to survive in this ruthless world!

I know from experience that children all over the world, (mostly in India) are still studying and not learning.

There are children reading theorems just to pass their exams.

Seems like we’ve forgotten to give more emphasis on “why to learn” rather than “just memorize it”.

Much as I’d like to forget, I was an average student. Getting a C Grade (2nd class) was what I could afford mostly.

I’d memorize and not learn. I failed miserably time and time again.

I almost gave up until a teacher changed the way I looked at studying.

Maybe it’s that reason why I cannot go below A grade now!

Most of all, I like reading new things, keeping myself up to date with a lot of new concepts.

In conclusion, I know what learning can do. It can transform you!

That’s all for today!

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10 thoughts on “O is for Opsimath – A to Z Challenge 2017”

    1. Hi Kalpana, that would make this a long long post. In short, she taught me methods where I didn’t need to Memorize anything. All I needed was to understand the concept. I focused only on that. Post then she made me understand how to answer questions using that logic. Trust me,by far the best way of learning I got!

  1. This is me completely. I relaized I had to learn and do well only while i was in 12th standard!! But yes learning, knowledge is your biggest asset and can transform you.

    1. Hey Aarushi, Well i’m glad you agree with my views. Hope to see this change in our education system too. Cheers!

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