I is for ‘I’iwi & Illutation (Mud baths) – A to Z Challenge 2016

I is for Illutation which means mud baths.

When I saw the meaning of Illutation and it came out as mud baths, it brought a smile on my face, and also reminded me about one of the best TV Series I have seen in this past decade.

One of the protagonists, Louis Litt loves visiting a mudding spa for some mud therapy whenever he is happy/under stress/just had sex/or any other reason!

He believes that there are multiple benefits of a mud bath and always keeps convincing other characters to visit the mud spa with him. Anyways, I got nostalgic and hence chose to write on this word.

I is for ‘I’iwi which is a bright red Hawaiian bird.

Pronunciation is “ee-EE-vee”.

Iiwi - Red small bird

Iiwi is a small red bird that’s quite famous in the Hawaiian Islands. I saw its picture and find this little birdie to be so cute. Hence I had to share it with you guys.

You can read more about this hummingbird by CLICKING HERE. You can also read my entries from 2015 to 2020 for the A to Z Challenge, CLICK HERE

This post is written as a part of the A-Z challenge. Bloggers from all around the world will blog for the whole month. They will write a post daily based on all the alphabets in chronological order.

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