J is for Jesuitical and Janiform – A to Z Challenge 2016

J is for Jesuitical which means cunning; quibbling

Cunning (Jesuitical) has many meanings one of which is when you use deceit as a way to win! Being cunning in that sense is simply you using your brains for that situation way better than the rest. But it’s cunning due to the way it’s done.

They are kind of clever when it comes to planning. They can get what they want just by tricking or tweaking the situation ahead of them. So do you know of such cunning people? If yes, then how do you deal with such people?

J is for Janiform which means having two faces.

In Roman Mythology, it also resembles a God of gates and doorways who had two faces looking in opposite directions. But for today, I’d like to focus my attention on a simple but harsh truth.

Do you as a person have just one face? Or do you just change the way you behave and speak as per the person/situation? I personally cannot be similar in every situation. It is difficult for me to stay calm during tense situations. I cannot be happy when things don’t go my way.

Two faced people (Janiform)

Also, I cannot be unbiased when I have to choose between friends or not judge them. We all have two faces. The one which we portray to the outer world and the other which is our true face. Happy are those that have just one face i.e. their true face.

I have two faces for sure. What about you?

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This post is written as a part of the A-Z challenge 2016 where bloggers from all around the world will blog for the whole month, daily based on all the alphabets in chronological order.

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