J is for Jejunator – A to Z Challenge 2019

It’s time for a Jejunator story. Lent began a week ago and Chloe began dreaming about meat and alcohol.

She just couldn’t think how she would survive these 40 days of fasting and waited for Easter Sunday dearly. Her sister Maze, however, was fasting and had let go of chocolates and alcohol for lent.

Chloe wondered how Maze could just be so normal and happy without alcohol and her favorite chocolates. She couldn’t live without them for more than 2-3 days. So Chloe asked Maze about her secret.

Maze laughed and asked Chloe a simple question, “Are you fasting with a clean heart or due to societal pressure?” Chloe had just one answer i.e. she was asked to fast as that’s what every catholic is supposed to.

Maze laughed and laughed again. Chloe visibly frustrated asked the same question to her. She looked and gave an answer which startled Chloe. She said, “Fasting with a clean heart is better than fasting just because you’re supposed to”. Why do it, when you don’t mean it at all. Letting go of something that you love the most and fasting shows the true purpose in Lent.

What just happened?

Chloe wondered and then understood how Maze left chocolates and alcohol instead of the usual meat + alcohol combination that every other person avoids during lent.

What could have been?

Like Chloe, many of us become a jejunator only because we are expected to. Why do it, when you don’t mean it no? If you have a strong will and wish to be a good jejunator, avoid things that you like the most.

This post is written as part of the annual A to Z Challenge where for each day of April (except Sundays) I shall write a post based on the 26 alphabets. 

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2 thoughts on “J is for Jejunator – A to Z Challenge 2019”

  1. Fair point. Fasting is about giving something you truly enjoy up. If you don’t really care one way or the other, why bother?

    Great post! Lent is already over, but I’ll definitely keep this in mind for the future. 🙂

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