House hunting – Before or After marriage?

Should we go house hunting before or after marriage?

Most couples will have this discussion a few months or at least a year before their wedding day. Owning a house that you can call your own is a strong feeling in us Indians.

There are various options a couple can explore and I will list them down for you with my take on it:

1. House hunting before marriage:

More and more couples are stepping out post-marriage to start a new life together. They prefer staying on their own and living their life. Hence if you are one such couple or plan to be, start planning on house hunting preferably a year before your wedding.

2. House hunting after marriage (Staying with parents):

It’s ideal for a couple in India to stay with their parents post-wedding. But there are high possibilities of friction between the in-laws and the new addition to the family. Hence, most prefer to branch out.

In such a scenario, you can start searching for a new house post-marriage and move out when you get a house you like.

house hunting

3. House hunting after marriage (Staying on rent):

Another popular scenario picking up steam is couples who get married and live on rent for the time being. They then start searching for the right house. Once they find their perfect home, they apply for a joint home loan/buy it with their savings and shift to the new house.

What are my thoughts on House hunting?

Buying a house is not easy in a city like Mumbai and a country like India. Getting the right house will take tons of research. You might want a house near to a hospital/religious place/school/railway station/airport, etc.

To get that, you will have to scan areas, find realtors, get quotes from various houses, and even tour some of them to get a feel of the house. If you’re a working individual, then you can only get 2 days in a week.

Hence it’s best to start as early as possible. However, if you plan to live with your parents and have no space issues, then that’s the best-case scenario and will save you a lot of money!

What do you think about house hunting? Which option would you choose?

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8 thoughts on “House hunting – Before or After marriage?”

  1. Everyone has to house hunt sooner or later, after all who does not want a pad that they can call their own. Of course it all depends on personal circumstances, and both options you have mentioned have their pros and cons.

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hey, that’s right. It depends on personal needs and wants! And yes, the dream of calling it as “MY HOME”.

  2. delhifundos2014

    I am totally agree buying in big cities is not that easy. In my opinion if we are living with parents then that will save lot of money and its one of the best option.

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hey, thanks for sharing your opinion. However, this decision will work for some and might not work for some!

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hey Manisha, that’s totally true. There are a lot of parameters a couple needs to think about before going ahead with this decision.

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