Why you must do something for the children during the Wedding Reception?

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Will the children behave during the wedding?

Often parents are worried about bringing children to any wedding reception. It becomes a task to handle them and focus on the wedding event.

It’s also possible they might break some things that are part of the wedding background or stage decoration.

It’s not the kid’s fault. They have a spurt of energy and prefer running and playing around. Let’s face it. The wedding makes no sense to them. All they want is to play around with kids their age.

I’ve seen parents bringing children and more than half of the reception they end up taking care of the child, running behind them, or putting them to sleep. It’s quite a hassle.

What can a couple do for the juniors?

If you want the focus to stay on both of you, do something for the junior section. You can tweak your wedding background in a way that it can accommodate the children too. Here are 2 ideas:

wedding background

1. Create a kids section:

Create an area where children can chill and parents can see them from a distance. Add a few toys in the mix and you’ll see them enjoy without disturbing any part of your reception.

2. Involve them in games:

Add spot games with prizes. Kids love winning prizes. Let them, participate. It will be a fun event for all, the kids will have fun and it gives your event some added brownie points as well.

What are my thoughts on children and the wedding background?

Over the years, I’ve seen a majority of children run around, eat confetti, run behind the smoke, cry, whine, and even pass out before the dance starts. This affects the parents who have to be on their toes and cannot enjoy your main event.

You can do something for the junior section so they get busy doing their thing and your guests can enjoy the wedding.

What do you think about doing something for the children during a wedding reception?

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14 thoughts on “Why you must do something for the children during the Wedding Reception?”

  1. These are good points about wedding considering kids in mind. Most of the kids find wedding a boring activity , so if we create some kid’s corner that would engage them and give little relax to the parents too.

  2. Children lend an air of merriment and festivity to weddings, and are an integral part of any wedding anywhere. The idea of having a kids section at the wedding venue is really great.

  3. Yes, looking at the kids is an absolute delight but mananging them is a task. I have seen so many kids section these days at various functions and you mentioned the options which are also great to explore..

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