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Find out how important Invitation cards in a wedding are

I is for Invitation Cards – A to Z Challenge 2021

Do you like this wedding invitation card design?

Couples have a lot on their plate and the wedding invitation card is one huge part of that plate. Jo Dikhta hai, wohi bikta hai! This one-liner defines a lot for us Indians.

Couples maintain a separate budget for invitation cards and I’ve known a few who spent a lot just on getting a whacky design for their invitations.

Sending general invitation cards:

Sending a plain invitation card would not give that feeling. The card must have some whacky or classy design. I’ve seen some creatively designed wedding invitation cards. And yes, it’s because of the unique design, I still remember the wedding to date.

wedding invitation card

Change arrives in the Digital era:

But with the digital era gaining popularity, couples who don’t have time to travel to distant places just choose to call and send the wedding invitation card via any messenger platforms – WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

While many don’t mind being invited via a text, many prefer being personally invited. Sending an invitation via text or call can signify that you are not that important.

What are my thoughts on the wedding invitation card?

Spending a lot on invitation cards does not make sense to me. Inviting them via text or personally inviting is a decision the couple reserves to take. In the end, I believe it’s all about the way and manner in which you invite your guests.

Even if you invite them via a phone call and send them the card via text, let them know how you expect their grace and blessings on your important day.

I’d like to end this post by asking you guys,

What do you prefer? Being invited personally or via a phone call/text?

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2 thoughts to “Find out how important Invitation cards in a wedding are”

  1. I also don’t prefer wasting so much money on wedding cards. They are of no use later, either are kept lying, or given away in scrap, or sometimes used in crafts. In the present times of sustainable living, we need to make sure to save paper and save environment. A personal call or visit, digital card, all can serve the purpose of invitation too.

    1. I know right. It’s not just saving cost. It saves time, environment, and what not!

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