Sky Watch Friday – Himachal Diaries 1

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged about anything. But the love for Sky Watch brought me back! It feels good to be back with a post for my favorite theme. For the weeks following, I’ll be posting awesome sky pictures from my trip to Himachal Pradesh, India.

Hope you’ll like it.

This one’s clicked en route to the Naggar Castle in Manali.
Beautiful place, ambiance, people, and yes, Nature is at its best.

The best way to reach this place would be to take the local bus to a certain point and then walk inclined upwards for 10 whole minutes!

Sky Watch Friday is one of the best themes when it comes to photography. Trust me, if you love the sky there is no better place than this theme. Unfortunately, the theme was discontinued. But the collection is open for one and all.

I must share with you that there was a time when I would spare an hour each Friday to watch sky pictures from all over the world. Like #Skyporn

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