Harishchandragad Fort Trek – Part 2

To the ones who haven’t read the first part, here’s the link – Harishchandragad Fort Trek – Part 1

Part 2

So after ending day 1 at 4.45 am and waking up at 7 am you can just imagine how much of energy we all could muster to walk up to the topmost point of this trek. So after some breakfast and clicking some pictures, we packed up our tent the way it should and started our journey. The path we had to walk was almost over 2 hours before we could start the actual trek. ( Yes, imagine what hopes I already have!)

The route from Konkan Kada to Harishchandragad Fort Trek

The route to Harischandragad Fort Trek was not filled with rose petals.. or even concrete for crying out loud. It is full of stones Yes literally. My feet hurt even thinking about it. So after a long walk, we finally got a jeep which hauled our asses up to a certain point. That saved a lot of energy. We found a few hotels and took a small break for tea which Yvonne likes the most.

Villages in Kokan Kada (Konkan Kada)

After our tea break, we walked a bit and finally reached the start of the trek. Phew. That was almost around 10 am.

10.01 am – The excitement of the trek took over me.

10.05am – We started the climb. I knew my calf muscles would get a lot of action today.

10.10 am – The bag weight accompanied by the tent bag started to weigh over us.

10.30 am – I wanted to go home and tell my mother that i love her.

10.45 am – I just wanted to find a good spot, open up the tent, and rest there till eternity.

Yes my dear people, it just took me 45 minutes to lose hope. But we didn’t stop. We kept going on and on. After a certain point, we got this view which kind of was good to see.

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The route to Harishchandragad Fort trek was full of twists.
The weather was just amazing

So after a bit of resting, we started climbing up and up. We continued to do so. The weather was at it’s best and only rarely was there a sunny moment. Thank god for that.

The Harishchandragad trek route
Climbing in progress!

And at these rare moments. it seriously felt good to take a selfie.

Somewhere near to Konkan Kada and far from Malshej Ghat

So after the climb and a few minutes of walking, we reached a good surface. By good surface, I mean a good background for people who love to capture nature in their cameras. So it’s obvious I started clicking and my friends, as usual, were ready to pose.

The view from the top of Harishchandragad trek
One of the best views within Maharashtra

So after a good photo session, we continued on our search for the Konkan Kada cliff. We found yet another tiny shop where the vendor had tea and nimbu pani. Since we had enough of our fill for the day, we decided not to have anything. ( A big mistake!)

We asked the guy for directions. There were 2 paths. He told us to go left when we should have gone right! It took us an extra 1.30hrs than the other route. Imagine our state! (We realized all this after reaching the Konkan Kada. I’m still searching that vendor)

Anyways since we were oblivious to the fact that we were on walking on a longer route, so we kept walking. It was almost 2 pm. We hadn’t seen a single soul for almost an hour (which was creepy) and by then we were hungry, so we decided to take another break. Here’s a picture of the view where we enjoyed our lunch session.

Malshej Ghat and Konkan Kada view

So after cooking and a bit of rest, we started walking again. And finally around 5.30-6 pm, we made it. Yes, we did. Hooray!! We reached the base camp where we decided to set up for the night. Here’s the temple of Harishchandragad.

The legendary Harishchandragad fort

So after checking out this temple, we set up our tent and started with our duties of finding wood, setting up a fire, and cooking.

The food we created during our trek in Maharashtra

It took us some time, but the end result was good. Oh yeah, here’s a picture of the tent also!

The early morning sunrise during our trek
Amazing ain’t it?

So after setting up, Errol carried on with the duties of cooking and we tried helping a bit. We played some good music. It took us a lot of time but the dish we prepared was amazing!

The atmosphere was just too good to be true minus the bugs which kept irritating us. So finally after a lot of eating and a lot of talking, we decided to crash and thus ended a day which included almost 28000 steps equivalent to 21 km in a single day.

In my next post, I’ll share our last tryst with this place when we visited the Konkan Kada cliff where the view is almost unbelievable.

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