An Act of Kindness

On a lazy Saturday morning, I read this article about a McDonald’s employee helping out a handicapped customer. The story narrated by a customer in line “Destiny Carreno” garnered around 350,000 shares and counting. 
The story goes as “Kenny” the cashier went on with his regular duties, a handicapped customer wheeled himself to the cash counter and in a confused stated asked for help for someone to help him eat as he was finding it tough to cut and eat himself.
Now usually, the cashier cannot leave his duty and being McDonalds’, we all know how packed it always is. But Kenny shuts his register, gets his gloves, moves to that customer’s table and helps him cut and eat his meal.
Now this got the attention of almost everybody. Ain’t that a sweet act of kindness? He’s already got the praise of millions worldwide and I’m sure McDonald’s will felicitate him soon.
My message to Kenny:
Way to go Kenny. It’s people like you who succeed in the long run for y’all know how to treat everyone. Had we all been like that, life would’ve been greater than ever.
I just thought of sharing this article with you guys.
(P.S- I’m pretty much sure most of y’all already read this, but I’m just making sure everyone reads about this.) 
Happy Weekend Folks!

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