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For those who love Tea and swear by it are very happy as there are many outlets opening up with tea as their primary USP. MusTea is also one of those who swear by their love for not only tea but also snacks. They open up by 8am. Currently planning to open up earlier than usual.

They have a variety of tea and also a lot of options with regards to snacks like sandwiches, omelettes, desi options like poha, idli, missal, vada etc.

Tea is delivered like this!

Location and proximity from Station:

This one’s not too hard to find. It’s a 5-7 minute walk from JB Nagar metro station. 15 minutes from Andheri Station. Located in the by-lane of Kondivita, the nearest landmark to this would be the hotel Apna Dhaba.


Ambiance and seating:

MusTea is a small place and can easily seat 10-12 people maximum. The place is air conditioned. There’s no space congestion as such. The staff is courteous and will respond well to your questions too.


Tea and Snacks:

Yes, we were spoilt for options. My friend Mike had just returned from Bangalore that very afternoon and I got him along me for some tea and snacks. We tried 3 types of tea along with few snacks. Here’s what we had:

Kesar Tea with cookies: A clear winner. The aroma, the taste and yes it’s really hot. That’s how I like my Tea. The 2 cookies given alongside really compliment the overall feel. I must recommend this.


Mint Tea with cookies: Another clear favorite. Suggested by them, we tried this one and we thanked them for this choice. The taste is too good and for those who like pudina, this one’s a definite recommend.


Oolang Tea: Oolang here is full of antioxidants and gives you more of a green tea and healthy feeling. My friend didn’t like it much. I found it okay. It’s all about the acquired taste in the end.


They have almost 30 types of tea serving (with/without milk). You’ll be spoiled for choices.


Cheese Bun Maska: How can you miss having tea without bun maska. Here, they’ve gone a step further and added cheese. The overall impact? Yes, it’s fantastic. My friend loves cheese and went bonkers over this and every other dish with cheese.

Please note that there are a lot of snacking options available for you to enjoy your tea with. We tried the bun maska. You can try many other choices too.


Chicken Samosa: Yes, the chicken samosa. It was funny when we heard about it but on their insistence, we gave it a shot. I’m impressed. The bits of chicken with our regular samosa fit in well and we did like it.


MusTea’s signature omelette: They have a wide range of omelettes. It’s amazing. We were confused as to what to try and they again suggested their signature omelette. This one’s made with a lot of precision and with different layers. Makes you feel like you’re having a sandwich! And yes, there’s a lot of cheese too. This is served with partly fried bread. The 2nd best dish of the day!


Chicken Wrap: The chicken wrap here is very decent. The plus point is the quantity. I’m sure you’ll be full after you’re done with one full wrap! This is served along with wafers and veggies!


Mushroom on Toast: The best dish of the day. Mushroom on toast is an open faced sandwich with a lot of mushroom and cheese. God these guys love cheese too. Anyway, it’s our gain that they like cheese too. It’s really good.



To conclude, I wish they had a lot of space but it’s alright as they deliver to the nearby places and a lot of corporate offices too. They deliver tea and snacks. From where I stand, that’s a win win! They have a reasonably priced menu and a lot of options in their menu. I’ll be surprised if someone doesn’t find something that they don’t like here. Cheers to MusTea.


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    1. Well, that’s how I felt for a long time when the Irani cafe from Andheri station vanished. Now I visit Mahim when I want the irani feeling. Or else Mustea is very close to my place and hence I can enjoy a cup of lemongrass tea with cheese bun maska

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