Dog, Yogi, Banyan Tree – Book Review 

Dog, Yogi, Banyan Tree!


Often, we meet so many people in life.

We go through so many situations.

There’s so much of learning and experience from those situations.


What do we do of all that?

There’s just two things to be done;

1) Keep those experiences to yourself

2) Share it with the world so they can grow.

The Author, Rajan Sankaran through his book “Dog, Yogi, Banyan Tree” has mentioned all of the stages of his life where the people/animals/trees gave him a learning and a purpose.

I believe the main purpose of life is how it’s pictured in the movie “Lucy”. It says that we have to pass on what has been learned to the next generation. Good or bad, whatever it is, sharing what was learned is considered as the most important purpose of our existence.

In the book there are 28 short stories which lays down like a map of the life of Rajan. He has mentioned how his parents left an impact on his upbringing. There’s stories about his professional career right from how the seed was sown to how the tree blossomed and he succeeded. There are stories where he has got a learning from a dog and also a cat.

In short, I too could relate a lot from reading these stories. I have met few people in my life. It is because of what I learned from them is what I am today. Like one guy who could not speak English properly was made fun of every day for almost 1 year in college. But he took it in stride. Today, it’s a bit better than what it was years back and he has grown into a good businessman. I feel proud looking at his positivity and never say never attitude. That’s what sometimes helps me take a call on a situation in front of me.

While I can write in detail about all these stories, it would not do any justice to you readers. It’s best that you read it yourself. Yes, you will definitely relate to few or most of the stories.

If you feel you need more stories and more learning, do visit which is the page the author has setup as a community where everyone can come ahead and share their stories where they had an experience or a learning.


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