Food Review – Hungry Head, Mumbai

Hungry Head had been on my list for a long long time.

Yes, you do not hear anyplace serving 50 types of MAGGI !!!

Aha, you heard it right. For I’m sure Maggi has been part of so many people’s lives that it’s practically impossible to not visit such a place. It really kicks in those nostalgic moments. When every Maggi dish arrives, you’re bound to think of those moments in the past when you had Maggi. When we visited this place, we remembered so many such memories and laughed over it. Maggi has that power.


Anyway, the reason for me not visiting this place is the effort it takes to reach Powai. Don’t get me wrong. I live in Andheri East but the time it takes to reach + traffic + the irritation is why I do not like visiting Powai. This is situated right outside the” Hakone” which is more like a play park. It’s a hub for paintball, go-karting, and entertainment for children.

P.S – This is a pure VEG place.

There are 3 partners in Hungry Head. Yash, Rahul, and Arpit the Chef. They too have a lot of memories with Maggi and went a step ahead to get this idea into motion.

We were greeted by Yash and were treated to different types of dishes. Here’s the list mentioned below.


  1. Persian Pomegranate – This is decent and for the ones who like this fruit, a must-try.


2) Black Current Ice Tea – For some reason, this did not go well with me.

From what we heard from the guys at Hungry Head, this is the cooler which sells the most!



3) Green Apple Mojito – The pick of the lot for me.

I like Green Apple. Also, a little fizz can add wonders to a drink. This one does that too.



4) Cold Coffee – Not bad at all. I liked it.

It’s a good kick for those who are tired and who’d like to chill.




  1. From the Exotic section, we tried the “Picadilla Maggi”.

Oh, the joy of having Maggi with a bit of gravy and cheese. The best choice of the lot for me. A Definite recommend from me.

Picadilla Maggi
Picadillo Maggi

2) The “American Magbhel” was another good fusion. Roasted Maggi with corn, cheese, and butter.

Bhel never could taste so good. Yes, for some this might feel a bit dry but the dish serves the right to its purpose.

American Magbhel
American Magbhel


3) From the Maggi Roll section, we then tried the “Spicy Mexican Roll”. This is a regular roll with Lebanese traits.

What makes it interesting is that there are small patties inside the roll which have Maggi within. How delicious!


4) Pizza. Yes, a Maggi pizza on the menu and you think I wouldn’t try it? No ways!

We tried the “Oye Punjabi Magizza”.Another fusion of India meets Italy.

Thin Crust – Paneer Tikka – Maggi – Cheese exactly in the same order.

The Result? Fabulous! It feels like a dream come true. A must try!

Oye Punjabi Magizza
Oye Punjabi Magizza


5) The “Sizzler Maggi” is one of their signature dishes. Veggies – Maggi – Fries – Dip.

A normal sizzler well done with the inclusion of Apna Pyara Maggi.

A heads up for this too. As per their menu, this is not served usually on Weekends. Hence it’s advisable to ask prior to visiting.

Sizzler Maggi
Sizzler Maggi

6) The “Classic Blooming Bread” never felt so good. Imagine a blooming buttery bread which when you pick up piece by piece will have cheese stuffed in it.

You actually have to pull out a piece using both your hands as the cheese loves to be by the blooming bread. A must-try.



After an overdose of Maggi, we were offered desserts, With stomachs full, we thought it’s best not to eat. But as the saying goes, “There’s always a place for dessert”. I’m a firm believer in this quote.

We tried the “Choco-Lava” and the “Brownie with vanilla ice-cream”. The desserts are not that great and not that bad. Please do not keep any high expectations from desserts. Save that for Maggi.






All in all, I would recommend this place to everyone who ever had Maggi and liked it.

They also are open to suggestions for any new types of fusion. Just speak to them and who knows, your idea might be the next best dish in town.

Service – 3.5/5

Food quality – 4.5/5

Pricing – Reasonable

Food Menu Variety – 5/5

Proximity from the station – This depends plainly on the traffic. Also, it fits well for both the central and the western line folks.

Space congestion – There won’t be much of an issue. Yes, the seating capacity is not for a lot of people.

Ambiance – 3.5/5

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The HUNGRY HEAD in Powai and Ghatkopar have an amazing menu! Do check them out.

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