Camera-Critters – Cutest Puppies in Kolkata

Now who doesn’t like to play with the cutest puppies?

I love dogs and am often found playing with them. No matter where I travel, all I like is to make some canine friends. Do you feel me?

The year was 2016 when I visited Kolkata for a wedding. The place where we were residing had quite a huge canine crowd. And I mean it. Lots of them. Puppies so cute, you would forget all your worries looking at them!

Here’s a few pictures of them.

Cutest puppies in Kolkata

Overall, there was something about these cutest puppies who were just waiting for their turn to be cuddled and also belly rubs. Man, I miss them.

Here’s an image of me playing with these cute doggies that are quite patient and disciplined.

That's me playing with the Dodo doggies

Do you love puppies or doggies? Well I love both of them. They have been a part of my life where they magically cleared stress away. My dog knew when I was sad. He would just sit around until I felt better.

These are amazing creatures and I don’t know what did we humans do to deserve these angels in our life.

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