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C is for Cacoepy which means poor or wrong pronunciation.

Yes, this is indeed a very fun topic to talk about.

How many times have you heard someone pronounce something vague, maybe weirdly or in a fashion that you cannot impersonate? I’m sure all of us will have such stories about instances where there’s been a blunder done by someone or the other.

I can recall hundreds of such instances, my name being on top of the list. During the 24 glorious years since my birth my name has been pronounced in so many different ways that my parents will feel disheartened naming me Lancelot.

Living in India, a few names children have especially the ones Catholics, in general, have been pronounced (cacoepy) in the most unusual fashion like no one else could.

I know the names we have and we intend to keep are sometimes not what the crowd in India or for that matter any part of the world is used to listening to. Thus they call out whatever they seem fit.

If it sounds proper, then it’s okay. Or else, it hurts. It hurts badly when you’re name is pronounced differently. It feels like a sting.

Not only names but a few places and some other things too when pronounced in a different fashion (cacoepy) can also make you roll on the floor laughing your ass out till you die!

I’ve never come across such a word and am glad to have found it. Thus I’ve shared it with you guys.

Are there such instances that you can remember? It doesn’t have to be just about you. They can be for anyone else.

Why don’t you share it below in the comments section?

I’ll be looking forward to it.

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