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D is for Dipsomaniac which means an abnormal craving for alcohol.

(Yes, now I know a word which can define craving for alcohol).

Over the years, I have seen people close to me get such abnormal cravings for alcohol that they wouldn’t mind being hospitalized or dying. All they can think about is alcohol.

The addiction to alcohol is real and it can break families and change the person into something very different.

Anyways, Dipsomaniac doesn’t just mean a person who is craving for alcohol. It technically means craving for any type of liquid. So if I had to ask you what liquid do you crave for the most, what would your answer be?

Please don’t say water! That’s basic. Let’s hear something else that you crave for. Here’s what I crave for – TEA Yes. I need at least 3 or more doses of it every day. No matter what the season is. Even if it is sweltering hot, I gots to have Tea.

Now it’s your turn to answer. What liquid craving do you have? Do comment below and let me know.

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