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This word has been a part of many of our lives.

For some, it’s during their teenage years and for others it’s at work. For some, it’s either till they live or end their life.

Believe me, for some reason the bullies have this uncanny power that we the victims assume. And this so called power is so severe that we feel we can never ever fight it.

Anyways today #1000speak has placed their emphasis on “Building from Bullying”.

Firstly, it’s never easy to get out and live free when bullied.

Many might tell you to do this, to do that, but ultimately everyone should agree that when the bullies appear, your state of mind is never calm. It’s tense and gets worse every minute.

Some say that you should not pay attention to their talks, their tease etc. Please tell me how you can pretend it all the time. The consciousness kicks in. You might not want to think about it… you will succeed some times, but sometime or the other those thoughts will arrive again.

Some say having good friends help you a lot in getting through with this. They either build you or protect you from the bullies. Please tell me how long will you hide behind your friends OR how long will you expect them to protect you. Some day you will be vulnerable. That’s when they’ll strike and it will be bad.

The above 3 points in bold have been conveyed with a negative tone. Here’s the positive side.

Yes, have a calm mind because your fear is what gives them power. I learned that late. Your expressions convey a lot and they can take advantage of it. So, do not give them the power. Be strong from within. It won’t be easy at all, but its better any day than being tensed.

Yes, you should not pay attention to their talks. Trust me; I know very well this seems impossible. My name has been taken in the most hideous ways possible. I’ve been made fun of even on my appearance. When you say things as such to a child or anyone they will react. They feel conscious. They question themselves. They feel inferior. That’s where we are wrong. We were made in the likeness of the almighty. So seriously if anyone thinks you are fat or your nose is pointy or you speak weirdly, it’s none of their business. When you don’t pay attention to them, they lose interest in teasing. It’s going to be tough but smile at them when they make such efforts. They might call you mad, but you laugh because you pity them and their efforts. In the end, if they still continue, it will be them who’ll be the fools.

Yes, if you have good friends, they really help in unimaginable ways. They build your confidence, help you come out of sadness and sometimes be the good bully. They might also tease you like how the bullies do, but that would seem different to you. In short, when there are friends around, you’ll have nothing to fear. All will be good.

I want to end my post by telling you guys, that being bullied is not a good feeling. Coming out of it is even tough. But nothing will happen on its own until you take that step. You and only you can decide whether the bullying should affect you or no. You will always feel that it’s easier said than done. I agree, but when you are firm and decided, no force can do anything to affect you.  

Be like an immovable object which will not move even though many forces try to move it.

Be strong.


This month, 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion continues to work toward a better world with a particular focus on Building from Bullying, as well as the broader topic of compassion.

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6 thoughts on “#1000Speak – Immovable Object”

  1. Yes, agreed. I actually commented the same on another post…we have to be strong and let not get affected by what others say.
    It is entirely on us to bring dignity to ourselves.

  2. Agree with you. It’s never easy to face the fear but as time passes, the madness withers. Great post and points made. Bullies themselves lack the confidence in life.

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