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For today a little thought has been over my mind. So I thought let’s share it with you people. It’s about the unique situations involving parents and kids.

Situation 1 – Parents have no time for kids:

Parents raise kids. They are the biggest catalyst when it comes to the growth and transformation of their kids. The way their kids behave, speak, act shows how much of influence the parents have had on their kids.

But what happens when they don’t have time for their children. In today’s time, parents have work and 10,000 other things on their head. Thus they miss out on prized moments of their kid’s life. Some miss the fancy dress competition, some miss the first time their kid walked, some miss the first time the child did something really good. The child does want to share the happiness and sadness with the parents. But what if they are not there? Then they tend somewhere else for the time and attention.

Parents are not to be completely blamed here. They don’t do it intentionally. All this running around is for the wellness of their children and the future of the family. They don’t derive any happiness from missing out on such events but they are helpless and have no options sometimes.

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Situation 2 – Children have no time for parents:

Children have grown. They are now mildly capable of taking decisions on their own. The way they think, act, speak, behave finally shows how much of influence their parents have had on them.

But what happens when they don’t have time for their parents. In today’s world, communications have made people more farther than ever. Even though all you have to do is push a button, we still choose to ignore it. Parents now want their child to give them time, to tell them about everything that’s happening in their life. They want to share with the children the joyous moments.

But what if it’s too late? The children might have found solace in their friends or another father figure whom they like talking to. Now, they just speak to their parents lesser than ever. If the parents try to be really nice, the kids might not accept it also. That thought will always linger on their mind, “Why now?”

The children are also not to be blamed here. It’s not that they don’t want to talk. But over the years the distance has been pulling them farther away. Now they can’t be the way they were before. There is that invisible bridge that has kept them away from each other.

So, who is to be blamed?

  • Parents
  • Children or,
  • Time

I can’t find anyone to blame. Yes, I’m one of the prime believers that no matter how busy you are, out of 24 hrs in a day, you can remove 5 minutes for your loved ones.

But 5 minutes is always less for the loved ones. First they’ll complain you don’t even have 5 minutes, and then they’ll complain you don’t have 30 minutes and so on. There are situations when a parent has a work obligation which is exactly at a time when their child needs them to be cheering in the crowd for him/her. What can the parent do? They are tied up in such a way that the child can’t understand. For the kid, his parent never showed up. That thought always lingers on his mind. That’s what plays every time the parent misses an important event.

Like a diplomat the only solution I can give is to find a perfect balance in this imperfect world. This is not impossible. It’s tough, but possible.

P.S – I’m really sorry for anyone who feels offended reading this. This was just a thought on my mind and thus I shared it.

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  1. Yeah it’s the perception. The truth is that if we try to look at this situation from anyone’s point of view, be it the child or be it the parent, both seem to be correct in their own way.

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