Thank God it’s Friday.

For all of us office goer’s this day is cherished. There is hardly little mood to work and the wait as the clock strikes the end of the day is what’s on our mind.
I’m also one of them. As I write this, I’m mentally counting the number of hours remaining for the day to end, so I can go and enjoy my weekend.

But today I’m not happy.
Why you may ask?
It’s because of what I just read a few minutes back.

There was an article online which spoke of an incident which took place a few days back.
This is the headline;
Woman stabs pregnant woman, cuts out baby from womb

This is exactly what happened.

I felt such pain only whilst reading this. That’s nothing to compare to the pain which that poor woman went through.

This is a timeline in a gist format of what happened:
·         The culprit posted an advertisement for selling baby clothes.
·         The mum-to-be reads the ad, jots down the address and heads to her place.
·         Once at the said location (culprit’s house), she was beaten, stabbed and the culprit then literally removed the unborn baby out of her womb.
·         Passers-by heard her screams, the police was alerted and the woman was found by the police.
·         They took her to the hospital where she was operated. She will be fine.

The next chain of events is way above my imagination.

The culprit was found in a hospital with the dead child in her arms. She claimed it was her own and she had suffered a miscarriage.
She has been arrested. The police have pressed charges on the murderer on grounds of murder and assault.

This incident took place in Colorado, USA.
There is an interesting law there which does not apply to unborn kids i.e. if the child which was murdered was not born alive then murder charges cannot be applied.

How sad can this situation actually get for the woman who lost her child?
It can’t get worse than this.

I’m deeply hurt. I can’t say I understand her pain. I dedicate my prayers towards the victim and her family. I’ll pray for her health both physical and mental.

Our world has reached such a stage when one would not even break a sweat before killing an unborn child who was all set to enter this godforsaken place.

In the end, physical wounds will heal, but the mental scars will be something that might never fade.

The news article – Click Here

What do you think about this article?

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