Value Of Life – Worthless ?

Value of a life is beyond measurement.
We don’t have the right to destroy anyone’s life, do we?
What possibly can we gain by hampering one’s chances of living?

You must be wondering why I am bantering so much.

The reason is due to a video which was just showcased on a News Channel an hour ago.

The video, uploaded on YouTube, shows the reactions by cars on roads when an ambulance, with the emergency siren ON, is right behind them.
I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I tell you that there is more than a 80% chance that the guy in the front won’t let the ambulance go ahead.


But Why?
Maybe he/she has some more important work than the person dying.
Maybe he/she is deaf. (Intentionally/Unintentionally)
Maybe he/she just doesn’t care of what happens to the person inside the ambulance.


In rare cases,
Maybe, he/she is stuck ahead, with no place possible to let the ambulance go ahead.

Now, I might have sounded rude, but it is a harsh reality.

In the video, the ambulance driver says,

                                      “If it had happened to them, they would know”


The same situation is shown in an abroad nation, and well, it’s clearly astounding what happens there.
An ambulance siren is taken seriously, and let go ahead.
Let it be a road filled with snow, a traffic situation etc, they manage to let the ambulance go ahead.
Maybe it doesn’t happen always like how it’s shown in the video, but I’m sure with the way the cars behaved, many live have been saved.

I feel that the value of life is priceless, not worthless.

Maybe you are getting late, but by letting the ambulance go ahead, you might have given the person inside an extra minute to survive.


Hope is all we have and we should never stop hoping.


I have shared with you guys the link of the video.
Do have a look and then tell me one thing being as realistic as possible.
“What can be done to better this situation?”

Link – Youtube

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