Testing Times

Today, a thought arose in my mind.
So, I thought that I must share it with everyone.
What happens when friends create situations which are nothing less than a nuisance for you?
Situation 1:

You have a group of say, 6 friends. Out of which, 2 people have a fight.
Now since they are not on talking terms (for time being) the rest 4 are forced to take sides.
I know this is not the case always, but it does happen.
Situation 2:

This is similar to the previous one.
Instead of 2 friends fighting, it’s a couple in a group.
Once they split, it gets awkward not only for them, but also for the rest.
Now when everyone meets, the main question is who to call.
Because we don’t want any embarrassing moments, do we?
 So, this is something which i need to know from other people’s view.

Thus, my questions to anyone who reads this is,

“How do you deal with these situations?” 

“Do you take sides?”
Awaiting your replies.

This post is part of Day 15 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge



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