V is for Vaurien – A to Z Challenge 2018

V is for Vaurien which means good for nothing.

Of all the words I have ever been exposed to, the one I absolutely loathe is “Useless”. This can also be translated to “good for nothing”. I believe no one should be called this. Sure, you think it’s just a general term but the damage that it can do is nothing less than a catastrophe.

Have you ever wondered when you call a person good for nothing? Do you know for sure there is nothing that they can do right? It’s very harsh and outright rude. Telling this to a child can scar them for life. Yes, words hurt more than they should. Calling a child useless (Vaurien) makes him to believe that he indeed cannot do something. You are creating a barrier in his mind right from the start. Doing that limits his/her capability and they are always held back. A child learns better than us adults simply because they have no fear of being judged nor do they have any barriers. We adults do have such inhibitions and hence take more time to learn something new.

I usually do make sure no one uses that word around me. It’s not a good practice and hence please do not encourage it. It’s not only for kids but also for adults. For those who have a fragile heart or are going through a bad time, hearing these words can break them completely. If they start believing that they are good for nothing, getting them out of that phase can take years. My only request to you is that you don’t use this word nor encourage it. I pray that you see the good in people always and make their life better.

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge 2018.

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