True friends stab on the face – Quite Literally

“True friends stab each other in the face“. So, this quote proves how much worth friends are in life. It’s said that in one life we meet many people who wish to be our friends. Some become good friends and some break the shield to become our close friends. And finally, a few lucky asses will turn out to be your true friends.

True friends are the ones who are like your substitute mirrors. They tell you everything about you exactly, without any manipulations and filters. Thus the term true friend.

Friends as such will make fun of you till the hilt. There might be occasions when you feel like taking a shotgun and pinning them down. Sometimes you might plot their murder in your mind and the ending will bring a smile on your face.
But remember that at times of happiness, they will be the ones whom you would want to share it with first. These people will always be the ones to be around you at times of sadness. They will share this burden, give you advice, become a shield for you to be protected. They will always help you no matter what the situation is.
In the end, these are the people who often end up as our motivators.
They want just you and your attention. They crave for nothing more materialistic.

Thus No matter how good or bad you are as a person, if you have many true Friends then I must say that you are one gem of a person!

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