Triple The Happiness

Thursday always triples the happiness for donut lovers.

If you are one, then you know what I’m talking about.

Mad Over Donuts’ Triple Thursday offer.

It’s back due to popular demand.


I have always had fun visiting and relishing in this heaven of sweetness.

Never once have I been left disappointed with the end product.

It’s always the same gooey round circle filled with chocolate which gives me and everyone else a sugar rush which we obviously don’t mind.


Since it’s Triple Thursday offer today, I thought of putting up with 3 pictures which I liked while visiting M.O.D all over Mumbai.

Here are the pictures.


1) The Box full of love:

 2013-08-06 16.04.15



2) Friendship Day Special:


 2013-08-06 13.33.17

3) Finally, one of the many Triple Thursday’s for me:

2013-11-21 15.51.49

Now ain’t that sweet?

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This post is also written as a part of Three Things Thursday

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