Zomato Explorer

The word “Zomato” is now synonymous to every foodie as Sachin Tendulkar is to Cricket & Roger Federer is to Tennis.

Zomato is like the yellow pages for food joints across many cities and now as they have branched out, even to many countries.

I’ve been using their website since very long, and since the era of smart phones have taken over our lifestyle, Zomato also introduced their app for smart phones.

So after checking out the website and the app, I’ve made a list of 3 good features and 3 features which can be an add-on for bringing in more viewers.

Here’s my list.

1) Presenting Collections

Oh, I tell you, this feature is the best you could have done for us foodies. Many will swear by this when they read this point.

I mean, we all sometimes want to just check out which places are pocket friendly or maybe a rooftop place will suffice our day. To search these customized locations means using filters which might take a longer time.

But this feature makes it easy for every type of a foodie and is really a boon.

2) Location & Basic Info

I like the fact that the basic info is filled with information from every department which helps us in many ways right from the contact numbers, to the days and time they open and finally the location.

The map shows you not one, but two routes to reach the destination. So if there’s traffic, you need not adjust your maps app, all you have to do is check the alternate route and zoom towards the outlet.


3) Filters Filters Everywhere

The Amount of filters on the website/app will surely narrow down your search for the ultimate hang out spot with your better half, friends and even family.

Personally it helps me a lot as most of the times, we are stuck on the war between location and prices. Trust me, that’s the biggest stall in every plan. Some will like the prices of one place, but it will be too far for them. Thus the filtering helps get everything right on track.


Now the 3 things which the Zomato team can do better in;


1) Offers and Discounts

           Team, I’ve noticed a lot of ads from various restaurants on the right side of the webpage. Some of them even have offers like; Get unlimited drinks for 799, Pizzas for 300 etc .

Here’s an image:


What I’ve also noticed is that mostly website users might get their eyes on the offers (not all), but that doesn’t happen for mobile users.

So that means many restaurants could have had a huge crowd, but due to them not knowing anything, the opportunity is missed.

So, maybe if you can make an addition, where if a user clicks Andheri or Bandra, then not only will there be a list of restaurants, but also a pop up/page displaying different offers and discounts in the desired location thereby helping the consumers for availing those offers.


2) Known for Section

Also, I like the “known for” section but it looks rather incomplete.

Here’s an image.


It can be made even better if there are 3 good and/or 3 bad pointers too.

By bad pointers I mean space congestion, poor service or not so great ambiance.

This will be of great help as I’ve noticed a trend lately, where people are more interested in the ambiance and service than the money.

So, post the filtering and checking the “known for” section, I doubt anyone for that matter will need more filtering to choose their perfect place.


3) Zomato Top 10/50

I know it may sound weird but, you also can give your own rating (zomato team rating) to restaurants. 🙂

Or maybe,

Top 10 places rated / visited in 2013, 2014 and so on.

Top 10 new standout places in 2014 etc

Lastly, I realized that you can update the location of outlets between Versova to Ghatkopar as “proximity from Metro station “

This will be of great help.


These are my suggestions.

I hope I haven’t been rude.

I want what’s best for this website.

Because it will help me and many other foodies to have fun and enjoy their meals.

Thank you so much for being the Restaurant dictionary for all of us. 

Share your thoughts here!