Annual Parx Supercar Show 2015 – Part 1

Date – 10th January 2015

Place – Mahalakshmi Race Course, Mumbai


The 7th edition of the Parx supercar show lived up to its reputation. This annual congregation is a perfect time for all those owners with those mean envious machines. It’s that time of the year when they get those cars out of hiding and display it for everyone to feast their eyes. Car enthusiasts swear by this show and follow it like ardent disciples.

Forgive me, but I ain’t one of those enthusiasts. After the show maybe my perception did take a turn about. Those cars…. Woof….!!!

So many of them just lined up… but only for viewing. Even the scorching heat could not play spoilsport to the thousands that poured in.

My friend Dwitiy is an ardent fan himself and thus accompanying him and his DSLR, we headed towards the show.

Now honestly with so many people hovering around the barricades separating us from the cars, we had a tough time grabbing snapshots.

Blessed were the guys with the VIP pass for they had a near view and could click pictures of cars from better angles.

Anyways I just couldn’t stop myself from clicking some myself.

The quality won’t be that great so bear with me.

Also, forgive me for not knowing names of almost all cars.

Pictures are clicked using a Samsung S Duos accompanied by a 5 megapixel camera.

Well, this was lined up first and the rays of the sun almost gave it a shine which was nearly impossible not to notice!



Every line up almost looked like this. The only negative part being that due to the placement of the cars and the barricades, we could almost not get a good angle to click the second car in every line properly.


For some reason this reminded me of the game Need For Speed: Carbon..!!


This is just the perfect view. Tell me doesn’t this remind you of a race ready to roll? It reminded me of almost every car racing game I’ve ever played.


A car show without a vintage setting? Not a complete show then, right? Well after i checked out this beauty, i had nothing else on my mind apart from taking it for a spin!

These are the best I could come up with.

Let me know if ya’ll liked these clicks.

My next post will have pictures of mean machines i.e. vintage and modern motorcycles.

I’ll be uploading the next set of pictures soon!!

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