Gateway of Mumbai

Mumbai = Land of Opportunists

For anyone to have a favorite place, they need to have had witnessed something, felt something that was so astounding that they fell in love with it.

So much love that no matter how heavenly the other places look like, whatever treasures it has to offer, it is just not enough to make them change their minds. For me that place is Mumbai!

CST Mumbai

Mumbai Meri Jaan.

Whether it’s the deafening honking sounds, people hurling abuses, motorists skipping signals like it’s the last signal they’ll ever see or anything else, I like this place!

The DESIGN of Mumbai has a lot to talk about. Like prior to the Metros and the sea link, it all felt like cramped up spaces. But since these 2 inventions here, that issue is somewhat sorted.

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There are so many places that are built so well that you can do nothing apart from watching and adoring it. Like this place below;

Marine Drive

Those who know this Marine Drive stretch will know what I’m talking about. Also, when we talk about Mumbai there are a lot of terms which are synonymous with it like; 

1. The city that never sleeps.

2. The city where dreams come true.

3. The city where people dare to achieve.

4. The city of the opportunists.

Yes. These are the terms I’ve heard and have known to be true. There might be many more such one-liners. So why do you think all such terms are used for Mumbai?

It’s simple. It’s the DRIVE within the millions residing in Mumbai that keep them up till late 3-4 am working if they have to.

Their need to succeed, to excel, to move on to higher pedestals is what makes this city a competition hungry destination.

Here there are fewer seats and more students who want to apply for anything. Whether it’s for a course, for a sport or even for 1 job position! That makes it even tougher for the brave to get past everyone.

Thus the one with the drive, the never-ending hunger can make it past the finals. The rest either whither away or get back and start fighting till they win.

Bandra worli sea link

No city can be complete if it doesn’t have the unity and CONNECTIVITY among the entire community.

Yes, the “Mumbaikars” as we call ourselves are known for their helpful attitude towards each other not only during times of crisis but also during any other situation. It’s not the moments of crisis that must bring us together.

If it can happen with moments of happiness and normalcy, that’s a feeling that will always make us proud. And all this Drive, Design & Connect reminds me also of TATA Motors who so far with their never-ending Drive and state of the art Designs have always Connected with the folks not only in Mumbai but all over India!

Finally, I end this post with this beautiful image of Mumbai which is close to expressing what I feel. Pure Bliss.

Mumbai wide shot

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Thursday Challenge – SPRING

Thursday Challenge – SPRING ( Fresh leaves, Baby Animals, Warm Weather…)

Here’s a picture I clicked in Hotel Novotel in Juhu, Mumbai.


The view has every bit of calmness one needs. Just a look and you’re calm.

This post is written as a part of “Thursday Challenge” where bloggers worldwide display a picture of their choice depending on the theme.

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Dahi Handi Special

Dahi Handi is an Indian festival, celebrated every August, that involves making a human pyramid and breaking an earthen pot filled with buttermilk tied at a convenient height. This event is based on the legend of the child-god Krishna stealing butter.

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So i thought why not upload some pictures while the guys are in the making of a human pyramid.

I managed to capture 2 glorious moments at 2 different places.

Obviously there are many such pictures which will be on display in today’s newspapers.

1) Kanchpada, Malad:


Did you know: For every level upwards, there is a reward set.

E.g: For 6 levels, a team can be rewarded anything from 10k – 50k.

But reward is secondary in this event.

But it’s not only the rewards that bothers the team.

It also involves the never ending tension.

One lapse in coordination, and the guy on the top will be on free fall mode.

And, that can be scary.

Over the years, the safety has been increased and accidents have seen a reduction.

2) JB Nagar, Andheri:


Now that’s a huge pyramid 😛

I got in the nick of time to capture this moment.

So near yet so far.

One more, and they would have the chance to break the handi.

6 levels.

That’s some height.


Mumbai Enters The Fast Lane Via Metro

“Life in the fast lane” is what we Mumbaikars demand.

That’s how we live.

 Mumbai Metro has been something which just took too long to start.

But it finally lived up to its hype.

  Sunday, it all began.

I was clueless as to the hullabaloo surrounding Andheri station.


The person standing to the bottom right of the above picture cleared my doubts.

 My friend Aga had known about Metro opening and so through him I got the news.

This is how we began our journey from Andheri to Ghatkopar.


The stations have been made spacious enough to handle the peak hour crowds.

The designing and layout too are decent enough.

Ticket lines are the same as our Western railways but the only thing differentiating them is that there are many such counters and kiosk machines to avoid extra delay time.


That’s your ticket.

One small coin.

And the best part was that since it was Inauguration day, all tickets cost us 10/- per journey.


The machines you see above are like the subway system in other states and countries where you have to place the coin on the detector machine, and then only can you pass.

For newbie and ticket-less travelers a warning is that only one person can pass with one coin.


This is the train we entered in, the inaugurated train.

All decked up.


The journey we had, were quick, marred by every other person clicking photos in full swing.

I’m sure to have been captured at least a 100 times in many cameras.

I photo bombed group pics too. (Evil laugh)

Media and Police personnel were available at all places.

By the time we reached Ghatkopar, every corner had at least a dozen of reporters asking people for their reviews.

When a camera man asked for one photo, you won’t believe it but around 50-60 people just jumped for it.

All in all, it has lived up to its hype, but it will be tested in this month as we will witness if Metro can handle huge crowds or no.


Some thoughts:

  1. The doors are automatic. So, it will not stop for anything and everything. Thus I feel there are bound to be accident cases soon. Thus the staff must be kept near every door, so as to make sure no one is hurt.
  1. The metal detector machine is just one line, and that means at peak hours, there will be a huge line. Just one line means there will be a packed station and chaos. They need to increase the lines.
  1. Also, however good the state of the train, it just doesn’t stop imbeciles from littering it with their junk food and all rubbish matter.
  1. The CCTV cameras if working in full swing can help in cases of theft, and for women safety during late night.


So for now, Mumbai might sense less traffic in certain areas.

Let’s see if Metro will be a boon or curse in the future!


Till then Mumbai,

Happy Traveling!


26th January Republic Day India

What does 26th January mean to a Mumbaikar?

What does 26th January mean to a Mumbaikar?

This day is patriotic.
But for most of us.. its something else.

For some, it’s a DRY DAY that means no alcohol… thus there is always an extra crowd on 25th & 27th.
Funny isn’t it?
Few find it as a perfect time for business.. e.g – I boarded a train now from Andheri station, many are standing on the bridge carrying a small stick-on flag… whoever passes by, they stick it to the shirt and take some coins in change.

Some think this day is a holiday. another good day of rest…!!

Then there are some for whom this day is just like the other days!!

Finally for some, its a day they get to wear traditional outfits & show it to their friends or colleagues.!!

I haven’t come across any, but I do know that for some, this day is historic and its importance is invaluable..!!

As I travel, the crowd at every station is lesser than half the usual…
Either I’m too early, or maybe most of them are half asleep.

Have a nice day on 26th January!
Saare jahaan se achhaa, Hindustan humara!!

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