What does 26th January mean to a Mumbaikar?

What does 26th January mean to a Mumbaikar?

This day is patriotic.
But for most of us.. its something else.

For some, it’s a DRY DAY that means no alcohol… thus there is always an extra crowd on 25th & 27th.
Funny isn’t it?
Few find it as a perfect time for business.. e.g – I boarded a train now from Andheri station, many are standing on the bridge carrying a small stick-on flag… whoever passes by, they stick it to the shirt and take some coins in change.

Some think this day is a holiday. another good day of rest…!!

Then there are some for whom this day is just like the other days!!

Finally for some, its a day they get to wear traditional outfits & show it to their friends or colleagues.!!

I haven’t come across any, but I do know that for some, this day is historic and its importance is invaluable..!!

As I travel, the crowd at every station is lesser than half the usual…
Either I’m too early, or maybe most of them are half asleep.

Have a nice day on 26th January!
Saare jahaan se achhaa, Hindustan humara!!

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