Book Review – The Friend by Teresa Driscoll

Synopsis – This book is a story mainly revolving around 2 characters I.e. Sophie and Emma. They both have partners and a kid each. One day Sophie leaves her child Ben with Emma and her kid Theo. Sophie is with her husband in the train when mid journey she gets a call that something has happened to two kids. They both are severely injured but they cannot make out who is who as both look identical. Sophie is shaken and wonders how could she trust Emma so blindly and leave her son. 
What I liked – The backdrop of this story leads to North London. I’ve watched a lot of shows and I’m in awe with how the architecture is. Teresa has done a fantastic job describing each area so well that when I’m reading, I can imagine being a part of each scene. 
What I didn’t like – I understand that this book did need to have mystery to it as we have to uncover what happened to the kids and why Sophie did have her doubts on Emma but every once a while the story did get too slow. The feeling of reading it gets lost during the middle after 100 pages. It does pick up well later. Maybe if the book would be a little bit fast paced, it would have been even better! 
What you can expect – For those who love mystery, there’s nothing better than this. If you like a village in of an atmosphere with a mystery then boy you are in for a treat. My best suggestion to you is patience. Give it time. Every mystery takes some time to unravel and so does this one. 
My rating – 4/5
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You are the best wife

You are the Best Wife – Book Review

You are the Best Wife – Ajay K Pandey.

Some books have stories that can have such a large impact that you’d be stuck with the story for a long time. This is one such story.

The book is wholly and solely about the love story of Ajay K Pandey and Bhavna Pradhan.

Ajay K Pandey has also written “Her last wish” too. Let’s get back to reviewing this epic love story. Here’s what you will find in “You are the best wife”.

The plot will include everything right from the,

1. First time they met.

2. First date.

3. Their time spent in college.

4. Post college/work stage.

5. Marriage.

6. Till the last breath.

I’ll give you a peek through this book which should give you an idea of what you must expect out of it. Then I’ll also add a bit of pro and cons too just to make it clear.

Synopsis of the book:

Ajay and Bhavna happen to meet in IERT where they both study. A few meetings, a lot of drama (which has to happen in a love story) does take place.

Then there’s love, which follows with trust and commitment issues. This stage almost will be such that you could either relate it to your love story or to a friend/relative who might have experienced this.

Both being from different castes creates a lot more drama. I won’t write much about the Marriage and post-marriage part because that’s where the story’s USP lies.

The people who are married would love to hear the fights which take place like it’s a daily chore.

Incidentally, when I was reading this book, my colleague who is married read a chapter with me where these two fights.

He laughed his ass off and said that the fights are the same everywhere. There are 2 endings given by the author; one with a happy ending for those who like it that way.

The other one is the truth which is for those who want to know the actual ending; raw and plain.

Pros of You are the Best Wife:

1. The book has a lot of cliche moments, funny and humorous takes.

2. He’s written the book in such a fashion that there will be many moments where you could relate a few moments to your own life.

3. The characters used are well explained, nothing felt out of line.

Cons of You are the Best Wife

1. I just found one shortcoming. The start of the book for almost until the first hundred pages couldn’t keep the grip and I almost did not have the want to read it. The inquisitiveness was almost dead. It picked up pace in the latter half at a drastic speed.

2. And this one’s just for the author. Ajay dude… you should have proposed way way way earlier than you did. But better late than never.

But if you would see it clearly, that can’t be actually considered a flaw because this is a real-life story. It’s displayed how the story took place.

We are so much full of drama that we need a huge dose of it in every book to satisfy that urge. However, if you have that urge maybe this book can disappoint you.

My overall suggestion would be that you give this book a read and it will leave you with a lot of emotions. I’m Proud of you Ajay. Well written. Thanks for sharing your story. 

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Book review – Ripples ( Short stories collection)



This is a book full of short stories by local women authors on all aspects of life.

I happened to spot this in my college library.

The title itself caught my attention.

I then issued the book, & started reading it.

The stories are marvelous.

Really…. I became a fan of these authors.

From where do these people derive their inspiration.

Or how do they just think such posts??

To be honest i was puzzled, filled with emotions the minute i read some stories..!!

Right from betrayal in love,

To family fights,

Drunk fights, molestation,

life & death situations,

revenge, happiness,

success etc.

You get it all in this book.

So if you are planning to read some thing soon, this should suffice your need..!!

One of my favorite quotes:

” I think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense. “

The Secret – Rhonda Byrne Book Review

The SecretByRhonda Byrne is a book and a movie which is based on the adaption!!!

Read by over millions of people and reviewed by thousands, this book is an eye opener for every one who believes that “you get what you wish for”

I happened to read this book and watched the movie too..!!

My review is that its an eye opener for me too!!

The fact that the Universe makes sure to give things to people who are positive and who have a strong belief that one day their wishes will be granted..!!

In the movie, they show a guy who had once cut out a picture of a lavish villa beach-facing in another state.

10-20 years later when he is in his new villa, he happens to clean out his old stuff where he finds the same picture of the villa he purchased..!!

Ironic isn’t it..

What you want, can be yours.. all you need to do is walk towards that direction.. the universe will pave the way for you!!

The book shows different viewpoints of different people from different age groups, caste, sex, race etc

Thus making this concept a real thing..

Its named “The secret” as everyone doesn’t know about this…

If they did, then god knows what would have happened to this world..!!!

But, only with a perfect mindset, clear defined goals, your wishes can come true!!

The secret according to me is that the power is within you!!

Only you can mold that power and get what you want..!!

Thus, if you haven’t read this, i would suggest you do it right away..!!

Do watch the movie too if you do not have time for the book..!!

Because the message delivered in the movie and book is the same.

You want something, then believe in it, believe that you can and you will achieve it.

No one will be able to stop you from achieving success!

My rating 4.5/5

Here are some quotes from the book..

1) “You become what you think about most.. But you also attract what you think about most.”

2) “There is a truth deep down inside of you that has been waiting for you to discover it, and that truth is this: you deserve all good things life has to offer.”

3) “Your power is in your thoughts, so stay awake. In other words, remember to remember.”

4) “The truth is that the universe has been answering you all of your life, but you cannot receive the answers unless you are awake.”

This last quote is what I’ve been trying to emphasize on in this post..!!

The secret is in us!!

We have to find it ourselves..!!