Camera-Critters – Let me Sleep Now!

Let me sleep is the story revolving around my Dogs who only wish to sleep well and enjoy the tranquility of nap time. Good Day people. I wish you a happy weekend. Also, I hope your Sunday is treating you well.

Today, I got this snap of how everyone feels like on a Sunday.

What better than canines to pose. They were naturally drowsy and I shamelessly clicked a picture which shows them on a hungover mode post an intense drinking session on a Saturday night. I hope you’ll like it.

Let me sleep please


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Latest Update – This image was taken 2 years ago. My dog Angel passed away a couple of months back. He had a lump that was sized as a tennis ball. He became slow and wouldn’t walk a lot. But the boy had spunk. Whenever he saw an old acquaintance, he would try speaking or lifting himself up. That effort would show how much of pain he was in but still wishes to greet us.

I would pat on his back, talk to him while he lay drowsy with medicines. He would sometime lick my hand or make a sound. I have shared so much of my sadness with him and he stood and listened every single time.

I miss you old friend. May we meet again!

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Cutest puppies

Camera-Critters – Cutest Puppies in Kolkata

Now who doesn’t like to play with the cutest puppies?

I love dogs and am often found playing with them. No matter where I travel, all I like is to make some canine friends. Do you feel me?

The year was 2016 when I visited Kolkata for a wedding. The place where we were residing had quite a huge canine crowd. And I mean it. Lots of them. Puppies so cute, you would forget all your worries looking at them!

Here’s a few pictures of them.

Cutest puppies in Kolkata

Overall, there was something about these cutest puppies who were just waiting for their turn to be cuddled and also belly rubs. Man, I miss them.

Here’s an image of me playing with these cute doggies that are quite patient and disciplined.

That's me playing with the Dodo doggies

Do you love puppies or doggies? Well I love both of them. They have been a part of my life where they magically cleared stress away. My dog knew when I was sad. He would just sit around until I felt better.

These are amazing creatures and I don’t know what did we humans do to deserve these angels in our life.

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Images of cats

Camera-Critters – Two is Company (Images of Cats)

Images of Cats have mesmerized me for various reasons! Before I could continue, I would love to ask all of you,

Who doesn’t love C A T S ? Or images of a cat?

If the answer to any of the above questions is a big fat YES, then this post will not make you happy at all as we have the best images of cats below. Today I will share a story of how I came across these feline creatures who took my heart away.

Earlier, I was never a cat person. I am still a dog person but I love the company of a cat as well. Sometimes, I like the way they enjoy the head rub and belly rub.

Notably, I also like how they rub their furry selves on our feet and hands like they are proclaiming that we are their property/family. I am only imagining what if dogs would pee on our feet as if it to mark their territory.

Okay, that’s not a good sight. Let’s just focus on the image of cats and discuss how I came across this image for the theme.

For this week’s Camera Critters theme, I didn’t need to hunt for pictures. As I left for vacation and reached my native home in Mangalore,  I first got meowed by 2 new guests who had occupied the sofa space before I arrived.

It didn’t take me much time to get comfy with them. It’s a good day! One amazing and unique thing I found is that one of these cats has a blue and a green eye! How unique right?

Images of Cats

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Camera-Critters at a favorite fort of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

For this week’s theme, I would like to take a walk down the memory lane whilst trekking to Shivaji Maharaj’s fort i.e. The Raj machi Fort.

Do you know who was Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj?

Shivaji was born a warrior-king in the 16th century. With the best skills, a sharp mind and a vision of free India, he toppled many baddies throughout his tenure and gave birth to the Maratha Empire.

The forts he created in his time still exist in the 21st century. The architecture is still considered to be marvelous. Unfortunately, the fort is not preserved like it should have.

But still, it is decent enough. Now, one of his forts has become a popular trek spot. This fort is the Rajmachi Fort within Maharashtra.

I too have gone along with friends to check out this architectural marvel and pay tribute to the king!

Just a heads up, if you happen to trek during the monsoons, be ready to find various animals and insects that roam around freely.

We found this little creature en route almost as if it were following us. My friend had a DSLR and couldn’t help but click its image in a still pose.

That’s when I thought of sharing this special image with all of you.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

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The Never Ending Story Of A Pig, A Pony And A Frog – Part 3



Those 3 words have shaped our lives during MBA.

Like last year I sit in front of my desktop writing this post and wondering… “How the hell did we manage to keep this madness up and running?”

I still don’t have an answer so I’ll move ahead with the post.

So, it’s our horsy a.k.a Jessica’s birthday.

A Memory from last year’s epic birthday bash.

If I had to tell you guys how many names we have given her then one post might be a bit less for it.

But don’t worry horsy, we won’t divulge the names to anyone.

It’s your birthday na. So maaf kiya.


Do you remember those times we sat together for lectures? (Oh yeah, that one also where Piggy answered every time he got the chance… I still haven’t forgiven him for that.)

The never ending chats on stupid things which did not make sense?

Sometimes we only laughed… stopped… then laughed a little more!

And the picture moments were too much.

I look so obedient…

There was a time when my only purpose of coming to college would be to meet you guys. Yeah, really.

We connected very well. Like it was “meant to be” types. 😛

I can’t believe I actually wrote the above line.


My page… My words.

Anyways if I keep talking of our moments, even 1500 words would seem less and forgive me but I’m not going to write such a lengthy one again. 😛

So moving on ahead, our friendship has scaled a lot of heights. It has also witnessed a lot of lows too. But we’re still hanging in there. This bond won’t break that easy.

(Not until one of you literally move out to someplace where there is no steady internet connection)

I see some of our pictures together and damn there’s a bit of change in me and piggy.

But u our dear horsy have not changed a bit.

Before you could deny, here’s some proof… 😛


And now we are like this 😛



Honestly, the only thing people can see is your face.

Jokes apart, we have always had a good time when you’re around.

I can speak TV Shows with you all day long and you know it.

Time spent with you is always cherished by us.

The place doesn’t matter. Nor does anything else.

As long as we are together i doubt we’d need anything else.

(Too much emo in the above line nah?)

Anyways, your 2 favorite animals would like to end this small post by wishing you a happy birthday and wish that you get what you want. That you always smile and be the same. (Just meet us more often or we won’t talk to you haa)

Oh yea, btw piggy made a small video just for you which is waiting in your mail inbox.

It has some of our memories.

Do have a look. Don’t cry ha please!

We love you.

With Love,

Piggy and Froggy