Snackboxwala.Com (Healthy Food) – Review – A Healthy Snack Option


Concept: is a subscription based snack delivery service. This service is the brainchild of Sahil Shah, a Chartered Accountant by profession.

Firstly, you are promised a new snack everyday. Yes, you heard that right! They believe to end your boredom with office canteen food/snacks with their Fresh, healthy and heartily prepped snacks. Also in today’s times, healthy food is being taken seriously and Snackboxwala is doing their part to make sure to keep us fit. The food here not only is healthy but also doesn’t lose its taste. Also, for those who like their samosas, you can try their baked samosas! There’s no point of getting bored here as you’ll always be getting a new snack everyday.As per your subscription, you can always get the meals in the tune of 3-5 times a week.


They have a lot of options in food. Here’s what I got to try.

Oats Uttapam: Packed with healthy oats and onions, their version of the traditional utappam is made without oil. Surprisingly, I did like the uttapam. Yes, you can argue about the taste we get at our usual outlets and thelas but as a healthy option, this one’s too good.

Ghugra: This Gujarati Delicacy has a sweet and spicy green peas filling in a baked puff pastry type covering. It does have a good taste to it. The looks of the puff reminded me of a sweet “neureo” which we have during Christmas.

Celery Dip: Their celery dip is served with fresh carrots, cucumbers and a few potato crisps. Personally, I believe there is a lot of demand for dips nowadays. I make it a point to try something new always. Change is necessary indeed.

Mexican Dip: This one’s a 5 layer dip. Yes, you’ve heard that right. It has a layer of beans, topped with salsa, sour cream and also a little cheese and lettuce. You can use chips/nachos/tortillas as per your choice. The result will be the same. The creaminess and the taste is really good.

Paneer Roll: Here, a green spinach tortilla has paneer with mint chutney and onions. The overall result is amazing and I found this as the best dish of the evening.


Finally, here’s their subscription plans in form of an image. For more questions do contact them on their web-page (Link mentioned below)

Link to webpage –

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