Off The Grid Andheri – Food Review

Off The Grid Andheri is one of the top-rated restaurants in the city.

After reading the restaurant reviews I was convinced this is a place that you must not miss. Hence when I got a chance for a food review here, I sure as hell wasn’t going to lose out on this opportunity.

Location and proximity from Station:

“Off The Grid” is located opposite Infinity Mall, Andheri West. This is just 5 minutes away from the DN Nagar Metro station and also 15 minutes away from Andheri Station depending on the traffic. So you can choose either way were to travel from.

Ambiance and seating:

“Off The Grid” has it all. There’s outdoor seating for sheesha, a space for the dance floor with loud music, and also a fine-dining space for those who want to enjoy their meal. They can also house any day between 75-90 people easily.

Food and Drinks in Off the Grid Andheri (Appetizers):

Firstly, we had a set menu for us with a lot of variety in appetizers right from chicken to pork to fish. Also a lot of variety in the drinks menu. Here’s the list mentioned below;

Black Scotsman: This drink just made my day. Served as whiskey + caffeine, this was served in a stainless steel flask. Yes, that’s how you have your whiskey. Taste-wise it’s good.

Barbados Sunset: Served in a coconut colored and shaped glass, this drink has a fruity feel to it. This is a rum-based drink and is sure on the sweeter side.

blasting injectors off the grid andheri

Blasting Injectors: It’s kind of a thing now to customize right? And to do it to the point that we get our drinks infused in a huge syringe. These injectors make this drink look really good. Taste-wise decent.

khichiya best nachos off the grid andheri

Khichiya Nachos: Probably the best vegetarian appetizer. I liked this a lot. It’s perfect for a sharing plate and you’re bound to fight for it.

Tawa Fish: Too crispy and tasty. Probably there was less fish and more of crispness here. Not an issue with me as taste-wise it felt too good.

best lamb burger off the grid andheri

Spicy Jamaican Lamb Burger:

Yes, they got it right. A Lamb burger usually does justice when the patty is made well and is juicy in the end. Also, there should be no issues with eating it and chewing it too. It’s good.

best lamb burger off the grid andheri

OTG Tandoori Non Veg Platter: A platter like this ought to be ordered whenever there is a crowd of 3 and above. With a spread of chicken and seekh kebabs with green chutney and onions spiced, this can never go wrong. There’s a tasty, mildly spicy mix of kebabs here.

Murgh Kali Mirch Kukkad: One of the best dishes of the night. It had all the masala and the flavor for you to crave for more of it. More on the spicy side so order likewise.

Also, here are few more pictures for appetizers from “Off The Grid”.

Chicken Calzone

Main Course:

Beer Bacon Risotto: The risotto here was amazing. The quantity of bacon too was very generous. Although the beer quotient overpowered the taste of the bacon, I still couldn’t get enough of it.

Steamed fish with soy-ginger broth: Clearly the winner in this category. The steamed fish was made well and had a distinct taste. This went well with the rice and veggies served.

Chicken Chettinad: This chicken gravy did a bit of justice as Chettinad usually refers to more spice in the entire gravy. I could digest this one easily and maybe this can be made better next time.

King prawn lemongrass

King prawns ginger lemongrass: Firstly, I’m not a fan of prawns in general but the people around me enjoyed it a lot and I thought why not try it at least. Not a bad choice. It’s good.

Desserts at Off the Grid Andheri:

3 Way baked yogurt: There are 3 layers to this baked yogurt. Commendable effort by the chef to get these 3 layers to be intact and with taste.

baked yogurt Mumbai

OTG Sunday Extravaganza: Really this one has a lot of taste, flavor and must remind you of a gadbad or a falooda with ice cream. But this Sunday extravaganza is more than that. Do try it out.

Best dessert in Andheri Mumbai


Finally, “Off The Grid Andheri” does leave its mark on the audience. I only wish them to work on their cocktails right from the alcohol content to the ingredients also. Sometimes it’s an off day and it’s understandable but if the drinks are not good, then it kind of ruins the day.

Also, with the variety they’ve offered, there will be a crowd here always and they’re here to stay for a long time.

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14 thoughts on “Off The Grid Andheri – Food Review”

  1. The food at this place looks definitely off the usual grid and loved the way you have described it.
    Impressed by your honest opinion about the cocktails and this would definitely help them in improving that quotient.

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hey Sanjay, thank you so much for reading. And yes, honest reviews is what we can do for our readers, right?

  2. Those injectors are so cool. I had a similar kind of cocktails somewhere in Bangalore and I loved them. For those and the Extravaganza, which is quite interesting and looks nice, I will definitely visit this place.

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hey Raksha, Bombay went through a crazy phase with innovative ways of serving cocktails. This is one such place!

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hey Khusboo, glad to have you read my blog. Yes, they have tons of options like khichiya nachos, risotto, pasta, mozzarella flatbread, paneer mains, and some mad dessert options!

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