Simulation in World Cup Brasil 2014

In football, when one person fouls the opposition player inside the penalty box, the team is awarded a penalty.

Often, the decision to give a penalty or no is like a heavy burden in the eyes of the referee.

Sometimes they are right, sometimes wrong.

Their job of making correct choices are marred by the players diving unnecessarily for a penalty (How pathetic)

And now, the job is even become more tough as the players are using simulation.

What is simulation?

According to Lancelot, “Simulation is an art where the perpetrator plans his fall at the exact time, in order to achieve the result he desires.”

Let me explain you this phenomenon, with the help of an example in this world cup.

The match was legendary between Spain vs Netherlands.

Spain has never been so humiliated since the 50’s.

The match ended 5-1.

That too the first goal came through simulation which was emulated by Diego Costa of Spain.

Step 1: Run with the ball towards the penalty box and make sure a defender is right around you.


Step 2:  Wait for the defender to make a move.



Step 3: Make sure you get yourself hit by him so you can fall.


Step 4: Then, give an Oscar winning performance and fall like you’ve never fallen before!


Overall, this entire sequence can be explained in one go.


The sad part is he knew that the defender would try, and even though the contact wasn’t there, he managed to fall in such a manner that anyone would give a penalty.

Such a shame that they get a goal that too controversial.

A request to the players is to not malign the respect of the game with such antics.

Winning is everything, but not at such a cost.

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