Happy Father’s Day

This frame is what made my father smile.
This frame arrived today.

Ain’t that good??

From where did it arrive?
A little bit of history to that.
I and my younger brother have a unusual habit of playing twitter contests for anything and everything.
Now i reduced my contest playing spree. But not my brother.
He still plays. (which my parents don’t approve, as they call it a waste of time)

He happened to play a contest couple of days back, organized by “Brown Paper Bag”.
He won a frame and a box of desserts..
Now when the gift arrived today, we both realized what is it.
I acted as if i could not remove it from the package.
I asked my dad to do that, and he gladly did.
When he realized what it was, there was a bright smile on his face.. The one he reserves for special occasions.
The desserts were just the icing on the cake.. literally..!!
The day was memorable indeed.

(Hope so, since this win, they don’t make a fuss when we play more contests 😛 )

Nom Nom..!!

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