My new found love- Reading Books!!

Reading a book since childhood was not of my interest. Not even the slightest one!
But recently, I happened to have a 3-month break from college. I got an internship at a Financial firm that is at least 1.5 hours away from my home. So naturally, it meant a lot of traveling. In that scenario, I decided to start reading books during my transit to pass my time. I thought that maybe, I’ll stop reading the first day itself.

But I didn’t.
That day was 2nd May 2013 & today it’s 30th January 2014, and I’ve completed more than 13 books/novels. Phew, that’s too many, right? I didn’t know I had the knack of reading until I started it. Sometime in the future, I got to know that it was my mother who had the reading books habit that got passed on to me. Anyways its better to read something rather than waste your time imagining things in your mind.
So the next question arises, How the hell did I get so many books? The answer to that is – I had been to a Book sale last April which helped me get a lot of books for a very reasonable price. Really reasonable!

A kilo of books = 60 rupees i.e less than 1 dollar.

Surprising right?

Classics like Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, etc cost me 100 INR per kilo.
I ended up buying 5 kilos worth books which involved football magazines, Horror, Mystery, Murder, Reality, and 2 classic books. I later also went to the next sale. This time I didn’t get the books I hoped to get. So I experimented using the Good-reads app on my smartphone and selected some book titles. Here is the snapshot of my collections from the sale.

Reading Books from Strand Book Stall
These are my books… have read most of it


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