What if I Was a Bookstore owner!

Bookstore owner who’s also a reader knows best what every aspiring book lover wants.

Being an avid lover of reading, I can understand the two things that stop a reader from getting the book of his dreams;
1 — Huge price of the book
2 — Non-Availability

These are the only two main aspects as to why a reader might not buy the book he or she desires. If I were a bookstore owner I would do the following:

1) A weekly discount on the Best-sellers – This would definitely grab the attention of all the avid and up to date readers as they would all flock to my store to buy the book which is trending.

2) Springing in with a variety of offers on books. eg- buy 2 get 1 free (monthly) – 
The quantity matters at the end of the day!! Thus by keeping offers on Trilogies or a series like Buy 2 from the trilogy and get the third one complimentary!. This will further increase sales.

3) Trying to get Authors on board for book signing thereby increasing the audience for the book store – 
If authors whether local or international sit for an hour to sign books and mingle with their fans, I’m sure that many books will be sold, thereby increasing profit. Also through word of mouth, many will come to the store, thereby increasing the audience.

4) A monthly gathering for book readers ( Debate or discussion on a certain genre of books) – 
This will bring many readers under one roof thereby starting a good session of different stories, where I, as a bookstore owner will get to know more of the tastes and preferences of my customers.

5) End of season sale:
This sale would be the best of the season. Every year at the closing stock level, when books still remain and need to be cleared out, then an offer like Buy 1 get 1 free or buy 3 get 3 free books!! will garner more audience and more sales.

6)Being an avid book reader myself, I would have an add-on to the tastes and the choices of books I can keep in the store.

These all are my thoughts.

Reading books is a beautiful habit that one can cultivate.

Bookstore owners can continue to do an amazing service to people and let them read good books!

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