Quit Being A Stereotype

My post portrays one bad habit.
You need better views, and thus treat yourself to these 2 posts;
This will surely give you a taste of reality.

When we talk of bad habits, there are many and this post can turn into a thesis.
So, I finalized on one point which I’ll share with y’all.

Stereotypical Thinking
We are now in 2014.
Why behave like a primitive then?
Why act like animals and then say everyone does the same thing?
Why do things and play blame games?

The answer is simple.
It’s a typical stereotypical thinking, which has been on from many generations.
Our thinking can just never change.

Today at 6.15pm, whilst at a friend’s office at the ground floor, we witnessed something that just did not shock us.
From up top, (don’t know which floor) plastic bags started doing a free fall.
The filth has found a new dustbin, i.e. the backyard of the building.
Would you be surprised to know that in the complex there are only offices.
So, well mannered and literate people find it justifying to throw filth from their office space. How cool is that?

For kids, the moment they are born, their life history has already been decided.
If you ask why do you want your son/daughter to study this?
The reply will simply amaze you.
“Because generally everyone does engineering/MBA.”
If you watch movies, you’ll know how stereotypical the thinking gets.
A degree would mean getting better suitors, maybe some extra dowry etc etc.
The poor kid has no choices whatsoever.
I know the trend is changing now a lot, but it still continues to happen at some places.

For girls, the moment she turns 18, suitors are sought for her.
Is she such a liability?
The answer you might receive is,
“Because later good suitors won’t arrive”
“Because we may have to pay a lot of money”
Trust me; such a reply kills me when I hear it.
A girl has a life too.
A life to explore, a life to enjoy.
If you don’t let her live by herself, then its grave injustice.

It’s taboo to marry in different castes.
I know this issue is debatable.
But the world is changing.
The boy and girl can live together, and follow their faith.
If every answer starts with “Beta, these marriages never work” then nothing can ever happen in the future.

Stereotypical thinking is what I consider a bad habit, which sometimes works good, but mostly is something which has us lagging behind.
This has to change.
I hope someday it will.

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