JIFI Is The Answer…

After 3 weeks of delay, I finally get the time to post this.
JIFI is here, finally.
3 weeks ago, I browsed through the entire website and was amazed with the setup Kotak Bank entered with.
Many features, a never like seen before account mechanism.
Read below to find my experience of visiting the JIFI page.
What is JIFI you may ask?
JIFI is like a new age savings account.
What do I mean by a new age savings account?
In simple words, a social + savings account.
Till now all we get our balances as a message sent to our smart phones.
With Jifi, you can actually check your balances on social media i.e. through Twitter.
There are a ton of things you can do using social media.
Add this below list too.
When you click this link, there would be a huge list of hash tags (#) which can be used to avail services like balances, last 3 transactions, last payment, etc.
You want to find out the nearest branch?
Leave them a message on twitter.
You want to know if your cheque transaction is completed.
Leave them a message on twitter.
What’s the best part of this?
All your messages are in a direct message (DM) format which is like a personal chat.
So I’m rest assured.
Now we all have accounts where we have to maintain minimum balance like around 200/- or 500/-.
If you don’t then there are penalties which is a major turn off if you ask me.
Jifi comes here to my rescue too.
Their balance free account means I can use my money freely without any tension.
What more?
If you keep money in excess of 25,000 term deposits are created for which you get paid interest.
Isn’t that something to cheer for?
 While playing contests we are used to referring friends to win.
Here, you get points for every friend who joins JIFI.
What more?
These points are redeemable for cash.
1 point = 1 rupee.
E.g. – For every friend that joins, you get 250 points.
Just imagine if you manage to get 10 friends on board, i.e. 250 * 10 = 2500 /-
Too much..!!
JIFI has a loyalty club which allocates you points for every favorite, re-tweet and transactions placed online.
You will be awarded social points redeemable later for your loyalty.
Now if you have an app, then nothing better than that right?
Kotak has apps which help your personal and professional life too.
Personal in terms of offers on food, shopping etc.
Professional would be for all the banking transactions.
Kotak money watch will play the role of your parents who will keep track of every possible thing you do with the money.
Let it be your spending, saving etc, everything!
Last but not the least, the Platinum debit card.
It has a built in chip which adds to the security of your transactions.
Also, you can withdraw up to 50,000 daily with a limit of 2, 00,000.
Isn’t all this too much to fathom?
What I have finally understood after reviewing JIFI as a whole is that Kotak has used the most important concept according to me i.e. NEEDS OF THE CUSTOMER.
By placing us customers on the pedestal, they have minimized our efforts to a bare minimum.
So much in one account will keep us from joining elsewhere.
They linked social media as it’s like our lifeline now.
All for us.
I bet banking can’t get better.
15,760 people have already connected with JIFI.
What’s stopping you?
Hop on.
Be amazed with the JIFI experience.
This post is written for #JIFIishere i.e. a part of http://www.kotakjifi.com/

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