True friends

 2 friends thick as thieves sat together for a test with an intention to copy from each other to push both of them through to the finishing line.

The test began, and the professor could hear people copying, but couldn’t see them copying!

An hour later, the test ended, and both friends came down to one conclusion i.e whatever happened, their marks would be the same.

A week later, the professor came back with the results and a huge dilemma.

He had two papers who not only had the same answers, but also, the SAME ROLL NUMBER..!!!!

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Gameweek 28 – Six Player Combos to look out for !!

Game-week 28 will not showcase 2 matches i.e 4 teams will not we playing this weekend.
They are,
Manchester City
Manchester United
Sunderland and,
West Bromwich Albion.

For this week, i have dedicated my post to the possible player combinations we must watch out for.
Have chosen 6 combos. Lets have a look.

1)  Luis Suarez & Daniel Sturridge:
 With over 40+ goals and 20+ assists, this combination is the most deadly and lethal all over Europe.
When one stops scoring, the other one starts.
Suarez looked like he is on a roller coaster relay race
When he seemed to reduce the scoring spree, Stuirridge took the baton and said, “Let me continue with the race”
And guess what has happened ever since?
He has scored 8 matches in a row.
Also Liverpool now have amassed 70 goals in 27 league games, which beats Manchester City who have 69 goals in 26 games. Now that’s a thought every team must take seriously.
I’m sure there will be at least one goal or an assist by these two this week.
Anyone care to deny?

2) Christian Eriksen & Emmanuel Adebayor:
Eriksen had been dropped by Mr Tim Sherwood last match.
The result was that it took over 80+ minutes for Tottenham to have a proper goal scoring chance hit on target.
Even with Adebayor’s riding form, Sherwood’s men looked under par with their performance.
Now, many of the pundits termed this as a bad day for the spurs, with some saying it was the absence of their main play-maker Eriksen.
Paulinho has been good too, but not that influential as Eriksen has been for the team.
He has created many more chances than Dembele and Paulinho.
Thus, if he is played this weekend, do expect this combo to give Spurs a much needed win for their chance of entering the Top 4.

3) Santi Cazorla & Olivier Giroud:
Santi Cazorla has been in prime form these past weeks, trying to ease out Mesut Ozil’s responsibilities which have been doubled by the absence of Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott.
Else where, Giroud has been trying to make various attempts on goal and he finally succeeded by scoring 2 and assisting 1 last week.
Cazorla is that spark which can give the Gunners the much needed boost and points needed for the fight of the League title.
Giroud has the ability to not only score but also be unselfish and assist his team mates.
Until Ramsey arrives, they will have to keep winning and garner as many points as they can in order to keep the pressure on Chelsea and Manchester City.

4) Shane Long & Nikica Jelavic:
Hull City have seen a good partnership forming between their strikers, i.e Long & Jelavic.
The past few weeks have seen a new Hull team playing sensible football.
Not only are the strikers combining , but also the play makers of the team i.e Livermore and Huddlestone have been good too.
With Elmohamady showing some improvement with his run-ins inside the box, i don’t see a reason why Hull can’t keep improving.
The fight for the Europa league spot is what Hull must try, and these 4 players will be the reason why they will achieve that spot. 

5)Adam Lallana & Rickie Lambert: 
Lallana has been phenomenal this season for the Saints.
Southampton have been riding on this player’s form and also on the form of their strikers Rodriguez & Lambert.
Both have been consistent for the Saints this season and have contributed around 20 goals for the club.
That’s not all.
Fonte, Lovren & Lallana have equally contributed thus reducing the burden of the strikers to score every match.
With such diverse goal scoring line up, Saints look set for another ticket to the Europa league again.

6) Pablo Hernandez & Wilfried Bony:
Now, this pair is not like the others.
They haven’t scored many goals, but have been there for the team as and when required.
Hernandez has been the highest in terms of assists in the midfielders section whereas Bony has been consistent in scoring his goals with a total of 10 for the team.
Hernandez hasn’t been given a lot of playing time per match which is of high concern as according to stats, he has been involved in many goal scoring chances.
Thus its advisable that he be played as you never know, Bony just needs a clear space to shoot which can be provided by Hernandez!

Lets see how many of these combinations keep continuing their form!!

Stats taken from –

Should David Moyes be given time to recover his losses?

David Moyes.
The man of the moment for not only the English Premier League , but also for all other Leagues.
Now the above statement can mean for positive reasons, or negative reasons.
As per the public view, its mostly negative.

David Moyes found himself coming into the lime light after he was chosen as the successor to Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United.
This season, the task given to him, is not what every manager gets, as the club has a historic background, and a huge chunk of titles.
So, already with pressure of completing board expectations, Moyes made changes.
Tried to adapt to how The Red Devils play, tried to improve their play, their style, get good results.
But all in vain!
United have  13 wins, 6 draws & 8 Losses with a meager goal difference of 12.
This is one of the worst seasons for United.
So much so, that the team which battles for top position is battling at mid table positions.
Their form and morale is in dumpsters and the players are completely inconsistent.
No luck this season even in the last 10 minutes of the game, where they had a record of scoring at the last moments of the game meant they are sliding down to a point of no return.
So some questions arise.

1) Does the team need many transfers?

I don’t think so. The team might need 2 or maximum 3 changes.
But otherwise they are sorted.
Their strike force is too good, but due to injuries they haven’t been up to the mark.
Their defense and midfield line up has been of a huge concern.
Micheal Carrick has been the savior and their anchor in saving games and making them win.
Thus a few transfers in these departments can help them reform!

2) Wayne Rooney’s position in the team?

He recently signed a contract which makes him the highest paid footballer.
But many questions have been raised.
Does he deserve it?
Is he that worth?
Why shouldn’t we sell him?
The answer to that is that Rooney has been the driving force of United and his need towards the team has been on increasing levels since 2 years.
He is a striker, but has been in the midfield for a long time. He has been the one, who has been making the play, running back to the defense as and when required, not going for goal.
Even after so much, he still stuck with the club, as he loves the club.
He is that type of a player, who puts the team, before himself.
But now, seeing how the team is performing and his role getting deeper in the mid field section, he wanted to leave, but he is at his prime peak now, an age where money matters more.
Thus expect him to be the driving force for united to bounce back.

3) Presence of Scholes and Giggs?

It has so happened that for many past seasons, the manager depended on these two for driving the team to victory.
This season is no different.
Giggs has been playing and Scholes retired by May 2013.
This is good, but more bad for the team as its like an insult to the youngsters and the other team mates.
No offense, but if the manager turns to them, its for their experience, or if i can term it, the lack of team experience.
The team need to step up and show more character if they have to get better results.

4) Marouane Fellaini – The worst transfer?

I will have to deny that.
Moyes had Fellaini under him when he was at charge in Everton.
Fellaini at Everton was at prime form, and was thus the hot topic, when he made the move to Old Trafford.
Since then, everything has gone against him.
His performance, his form, no support, people questioning his role in the team, people not supporting him has affected his form and morale completely.
But we all know the Fellaini from Everton. Just imagine if he strikes that form for United. Then what impact will the team have with his presence!
So, he too needs time to adapt, but his time will run out within the next 11 weeks when the premier league ends.

5) Should Moyes be SACKED?

I have to be honest.
For every TRUE Manchester fans, Moyes should have their support and he must be given 2 years.
You cannot become a world class manager within 1 year.
It takes time.
I’m sure Ferguson too needed time to get the team to a champion status.
Maybe he took lesser time than Moyes, but he did take time!
So, every week, i see PLASTIC fans of manchester talking stuff like we don’t like Manchester now because Ferguson is gone.
The truth is, they are tired of every other team supporter coming and having a good laugh at them.
So, if the team doesn’t play well, Its Moyes’ fault.
If the team doesn’t win many matches, its Moyes’ fault.
So what are the others doing?
Just talking!! 
That’s all they can do.
My view is that Moyes needs the support from every fan because that’s how he will improve, and when he does, Manchester will be back to top flight.

Gameweek 27 – Top 5 players to watch out..!!

The premier league returns on Saturday with the Champions League and Europa League matches done mid-week..
So, lets see the top 5 players which we need to look out for thus weekend.

1) Daniel Sturridge:
Undoubtedly in the best of forms off late, Sturridge is turning into a machine like Suarez.
Can you imagine, Suarez has stopped scoring, but it doesn’t affect Liverpool. Because, Dan Sturridge has plans of his own. With 7 goals & 3 assists in the past 6 matches, he looks a red hot favorite for everyone with a Fantasy Premier League team to keep him as a captain.

2) Branislav Ivanovic / Seamus Coleman:
The battle of the best center backs in the premier league. Coleman from the start of the season has been the most influential defender and his presence has helped Everton work wonders.
Ivanovic has been in red hot form from the past 3 weeks with 2 goals and 1 assist. His contribution to Chelsea off late has been critical. Do expect one of these two to be the deciders of the match tomorrow between Chelsea & Everton.

3) Adam Lallana:
This lad has been phenomenal for Southampton. Every week, if you get to know that the Saints have won a match, then directly or indirectly Lallana is a part of it.
With 3 goals and 2 assists in the past 6 matches, its obvious that Lallana is on a roller coaster and the chances to stop him looks bleak.

4) Emmanuel Adebayor:
Adebayor has been pure class for Tottenham since Tim Sherwood took over.
With 8 goals and 4 assists in the past 10 matches, he looks set for creating yet another goal scoring chance.
Tottenham will look forward to put their loss behind them in Europa league this week. Also, at a time when teams in the top 5 are dropping points, this is a perfect chance for them to capitalize.

5)Petr Cech / Wojciech Szczesny:
These keepers are one of the top 3 reasons why their clubs win matches.
Szczesny with 6 clean sheets in the last 10 matches and some fine saves has been instrumental for the Gunners.
The class with which he has been performing gives the Gunners a edge every match.
Petr Cech has been a keeper for Chelsea since 2004.
Now he has over 200+ clean sheets for Chelsea, with 7 coming in the last 10 matches.
So, we know very well how capable he is to do some spectacular saves and will hep the Blues to concede less and increase their chances to keep their top position in the league for some more time.

Also these are few players you must have if you are playing the Fantasy Premier League.
Surely, you’ll increase many many points.
Statistics have been taken from

Chocolateria San Churro

So, my visit to Chocolateria San Churro was too sweet. Literally!
From the title itself, you can guess what this place offers; “CHOCOLATE”!!
Had heard lot of reviews of this place and thus made it a point to visit it once.
The location and the area of this place is spacious enough for an entire group of 20-25.
The Ambiance is just too calm and some background music.
Ah.. The perfect mood for some chocolate tasting. 
 The cost for two will come up to 600-700 which will include this delicacy below and two milk-shakes.
Too decent for a brand as such.

Their main specialty is Churros.

Churros… 🙂
Above as you can see are churros which are fried and thus can be used with dips of various chocolates. Looks yummy doesn’t it?
Next image we have below is the Ice Cream Sundae. Its a Chocolate Brownie with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and melted chocolate. *Drool again!
It took a lot of effort and a lot of time to savor this dish and finish it.
Was too happy with the dish and the milkshakes were amazing too.

Just look at this… *Drool
About the sandwiches; their range and variety is commendable. I ordered for this particular sandwich as its my favorite. It didn’t fail to disappoint me here either.

The taste, the tangy flavor, everything was up to the mark.

Smoked Chicken  Sandwich 190/-

The pictures have been clicked at the Andheri West outlet.
They have many other outlets all over Mumbai and for all chocolate lovers, this is one place you must visit.. I mean it.

Overall, I’ll give this place a 4.5/5 rating.