Last Man Standing

So I guess this thought must have come in your mind once.
(For those who didn’t have a thought as such, I hope you do get one after reading this post)

The mere thought gives you the creeps.
Also technically this is not possible unless your luck of staying alive is 100.01% (which does not exist)
But at the same time, this thought can be very interesting too.
Just imagine – Last Man Standing.
Only all you can hear is the wind very clearly, and birds chirping (assuming all animals are alive) no honking of vehicles etc.

Here are some pointers on what I would do if I were the last survivor on earth.

1) Acceptance:

 It would take me many hours to acknowledge the fact that I’m alone.

 I mean, just imagine that scenario, while taking the lift, walking down to a mall, feeling the best     feeling on   earth i.e. SILENCE for a long time.

Also, not finding out anyone means to accept the fact that I am really alone, without friends, parents, enemies too!!
As part of this 21st century or should I call it the Virtual century, the acceptance stage might take for as long as the amount of time the person would take to travel across the world to find someone else. (Weird Nah?)

Quiet streets in Mumbai!!!!!! 
You have got to be kidding me right?
Just imagine on a Monday Morning, every train station is silent. There is no banter between people, rickshaw-wallahs, vendors, policemen etc
I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to accept that.
Thus this stage is the one which will decide if I will kill myself or rule an abyss!

2) Do what I want:

Now basically no one is watching, not even Big brother.
“Ab, road apna, duniya apni, kaayda bhi apna, toh matlab….  Toh apun Jo bhi chahiye, wohi karega!!

So I can roam with clothes, without clothes, pee anywhere ( basically at places you are prohibited to) , behave as I want as I know no one will come forward to correct me.

Drive expensive cars, bikes, submarines, hell even Airplanes and helicopters. Also I’ll try the army vehicles. Man the fun to crush a vehicle would be something right?

Then would watch any movie, at any time, with the best seats in the house.

Also, would visit every possible technology outlet, pick out the cool stuff, and take it home for me who bhi Muft Muft Muft..!!

My house would be near a Mall, so I don’t need to run around for stuff.

Would go and visit the United States, visit the Sectors which have been rumored to have aliens, transformers etc and then go to their top secret forces office and get the latest state of the art gadgets for me. (In my defense, I’m taking these things to protect myself from alien attacks!!)

Will Rob Tony Stark’s Iron Man Suit and roam all around the world (Epic)
Phew I’ll stop writing on this point, or forever I’ll go on and on.

3) Survival Techniques:

Since the animals are alive (I’m guessing they would survive) they will roam freely.

So, I can’t go around to them and say “Hey, was sup”
They will go berserk and will practically kill me.

Now since I don’t want that, I need to be calm, composed, and out of their way.
For that, the best mansion with all the latest technology would save me from any attacks.

What if the situation had reversed?

Also, if the situation were reversed and there were no buildings and only forests and barren land then I would need to learn to purify water, create a fire, and maybe learn to fish.
These are basic things I can do without technology.

Also in due course of time, I can always learn some new techniques which will help me save myself from attacks from the wild life.
Survival of the fittest would be my motto, and that’s how I’ll survive.

So these are all things I would have done.
Sounds terrifying to me already.
Being alone is the worst punishment I or any other person could ever get.

But on the other side, life would be simple. Even if it was only for some time, but still that feeling would be beyond measuring.

What do you think about this article?

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