Nora Roberts – Key of Light (#key trilogy part 1)


Book review:

The Key of Light by Nora Roberts!!

Just finished reading this book some weeks back !!!!

Nora Roberts has yet again surpassed my expectations!!

She just has her way with trilogies..

a solid foundation has been laid for the next 2 books…

A gist of this book:

Its a magical and mystery adventure where 3 girls are told a story about 3 goddesses whose souls are locked since 3000 years..

Only mortal women can bring them back to life!!

These 3 have never met each other in their lifetime, also it so happens that their face resembles the 3 daughters!!

They are given 4 weeks each to unlock a key for each soul…

All have to succeed in order at the given time!!

If one of them fails, then those poor souls will be locked in for another century until another set of  get a chance to free them.

Now, they get startled due to the time frame they have.

The prize for winning would give them lots of money, enough to pursue their dreams, but with every added incentive comes an added responsibility.

Here, these 3 will try to be the Heroes for the innocent souls locked and bound from ages.

But every story has a villain!!

Here its Kane – the bad sorcerer who had locked these souls through his power!!

What will happen.. will they unlock the key without being hurt??

Will Kane weave his magic and win?

So, in order to find out, do read this book..

My rating – 5/5


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