Gameweek 30 – Top 3 Players to watch out

I’m back again with yet another top 3 predictions for players you must watch out this weekend in #EPL
1) Suarez/Sturridge:
Ok, seriously, don’t blame me. I or for that matter no one can choose one of these in any prediction.
It’s bound to happen that one will assist and one will score.
That’s how the league for Anfield has been.
Cheering for Suarez or Sturridge!!
With over an average of 75-80 mins per goal, these two have created a new record.
The average of 80 minutes states that these two score every match which is of 90 minutes with added extra time!
2) Samir Nasri:
Manchester City, who have a loss to sulk upon, will now have to leave that aside & fight back for their top position currently occupied by Chelsea.
City can be on top of the league if they win their 3 games on hand, thanks to their superior goal difference.
Off late the attack has been dipping, with injuries to Aguero and others.        
Thus Nasri can be an added boost and also a support to Toure yaya & David Silva.
Do look forward to City making a statement against Hull this weekend.
3) Eden Hazard:
Chelsea has been in top flight thanks to string of performances from various players.
This team has garnered points when it matters & has been strong defensively.
No wonder they have conceded the least number of goals.
Also, the strikers off late have been pitching in with good performances.
That was the only sector affecting Mourinho, who went on to say that even though the blues are on top, it’s for time being & that he doesn’t see his team making it to the top of the league come May!
Hazard has been the driving force who has been playing with defenses and hammering goals at free will.
Also he plays so freely that the opponents find it tough to keep him marked at one place.
Thus there is no doubt he is the one to look out for today!

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